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Miri Food Hunt: Shanghai Cafe

Usually in Miri, we have breakfast at a dimsum restaurant at the back of 2020. In fact, for many years, that was our usual spot for breakfast if we stayed overnight in Miri. To be honest, the quality of dim sum isn't exactly that good but because it's cheap, we all just chose that place all the time. (Click on images to get a better view *slurp* )

My friends who studied in Miri recommended this place which is just next to M Square (2020) area, that serves good nonya food. If you fancy spicy food in the morning, then this is the place for you. Here's Shanghai Cafe.

They have food ranging from kolomee to soup dumplings, and other great dishes, so even if you don't take spicy food, they will have other types of food for you to choose from. I'll talk about the main dishes here.

This is nonya fried noodles. It is savoury spicy style fried noodles that uses nonya style chili paste and soy sauce. I personally liked it very much but if you don't like spicy food, you can always order their tomato fried noodles which is good as well.

Their other main dish is their Nonya laksa is very good as well. It's not Assam laksa mind you. Not like the ones I tried in KL, this one has a nice spicy kick to it and good aroma of coconut and shrimp.

Their sambal is the important ingredient. Asks for more if you like yours really hot!

Usually Laksa is meehoon one, but I prefer kolomee, so I chose noodles instead. You can also request for Laksa Kwayteow or Meepoh.

You can also order Wontons, Suigao and Prawn Wontons here at a very cheap price. I ordered 6rm worth of prawn wontons. Nyum. Great side dish. You can also request for them to mix your wontons and suigaos, so you will have more variety.

Close up view. Nyum nyum~~

And they have great seafood tofu as well. Crispy on the outside but soft inside. Yum.

So next time, if you have no other place to try. Give Shanghai Cafe a shot. Another great place for your breakfast needs.

Breakfast at Shanghai Cafe

Nyum nyum. You can imagine how big my breakfast was! Of course, I share with my friends la! :P


  1. Man Oh Man! Excellent hearty breakfast there. Will definitely visit this cafe when I go back to Miri. Wonder if my parents are familiar with this place..must remember to ask. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Anonymous1:13 PM

    Hmm...this is the first time I know that we could opt for kolomee laksa - all this time I thought its either meehoon or mee only. I think I'd prefer kolomee too. Place looks good.

  3. Definitely a must try when I go Miri!
    Next time do more recommendation like this mah. Near and approachable.