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KL restaurant review: Tan Tong Kee Restaurant

Around KLCC, there's this restaurant called Tan Tong Kee Restaurant that sells the most kick ass Ipoh sliced chicken hor fun. My friend highly rates the hor fun but I was kinda skeptical, I never truly liked hor fun soup, usually I like them stir fried or deep fried till crispy like the shikkai deep fried kway teow.

When I looked at the horfun, it looks like a normal bowl of noodle soup with a thin version of kway teow, with slices of chicken only. Hmm... how can it be tasty le?

Then when I stir the noodles, I got a strong whiff... the smell of fresh prawns, something you would smell from a very nice sambal. I looked at the soup, it's quite clear le, don't think they added sambal. When I had a taste, I was punched with the strong taste of prawns ..... oh my! This is the best hor fun I've ever tasted! The soup along with the smooth slippery texture of the hor fun sliding into my mouth was wow! Apparently, the boss makes the prawn oil fresh every early morning. It's the reason for the fresh prawns taste in the soup.

Their prawn wontons are tasty too. It's basically a whole prawn in every wonton. Tasty and goes well with the prawn oil chicken soup.

Look at the prawns in the wontons~ Yummy! I never got to trying the chicken rice yet, but perhaps next time if one of you readers got the chance, please take some pictures and share a review :)
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