Wednesday, July 11, 2007

KL Trip: Restaurant Goodview

Lately some of my readers had been mailing me and asking me why I didn't post much recipes. I must admit, I had been quite busy but rest assured by August I will post lotsa recipes - since I went over my baggage limit just cos I bought too many cookbooks.

Today I will post one nice WontonMee place in KL. Restaurant Goodview. They should had named their shop Restaurant GoodWontonmee. Their WontonMee is quite nice with a lot of ingredients to choose from such as pork ribs!

Pork Ribs Wonton Mee

Tasty Sui Kao~~

I must admit this la - this kolomee doesn't beat the Ocean Quarry Kolomee around Bunut Area in Brunei. To me, their kolomee I can eat three bowls also can one plus their soup is excellent and full of flavour. Next time must let KL people try the Ocean Quarry Kolomee.
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