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Review: Dragon - I restaurant

My friend, Kenex, asked me to meet her at One Utama, so I try to take taxi from Taman Tun to there. I hailed a cab and when I went in... I uttered "Satu Utama". The taxi driver looked at me with his stern eyes and say ... Apa? I then realized and then say One Utama. Lame story but when I told my friend about it, she was laughing her ass off. I then met Ching, another KL blogging friend as well. We were taking our time deciding where to eat, then I decided to try Vietnamese restaurant, until I saw Dragon-I.

My friend and boss Kenex

Ching, KL Blogger

Anywayz, on the way there, I saw this nice advertisement about Dragon-I restaurant where they say they have the best La Mee and Pao. I decided that I must sample their speciality and upon meeting my friends, suggested that we go there and try it.

Warau! Their tissue already so stylo their packaging. Let's see how's their food.

Beef Stew Soup La Mee

What's so special about their La Mee is that they only have one long strand of noodle per bowl to show how stretchable their La Mee is. They will usually ask you how many person's sharing the noodle so they will use scissors to cut it in front of you. The Beef Stew Soup La Mee Kenex ordered has a very nice beefy flavour and the La Mee needless to say has a very nice chewy bouncy texture. Definitely a must try!

Ching ordered the hot and sour La Mee and the soup's spiciness is just right for our tastebuds. A very flavoursome soup.

Now comes the Xiau Long Pao (Little Dragon Pao), take care when you eat this as this pau contains soup inside one. One normally puts it on a spoon, take a small bite and sip the soup and then take small bites. It's seriousyly nice and the aroma tempts you to take one huge bite! Ching tried to take a big bite and slightly burned her tongue, but luckily got her nice Liang Teh to soothe the burn.

Here's the Wontons in Red Sauce that Ching Ordered.

Pan fried steamed Pau

Overall, we enjoyed the meal but our vegetable dish never arrived since there were too many customers and the orders were quite slow. We spent almost RM95 for the dishes including drinks. Quite expensive but it's a good experience to try.

We then proceed to hunt for dessert - the girls were already full but I still have room. We ended up having Kui Ling Kao - some kind of herbal jelly that's quite refreshing. They gave me a teapot along with the jelly. Initially, I thought, what a new concept! Jelly and drink tea? I assumed you finish the jelly and then pour tea into the cup. Kenex and Ching thought I was kidding but when I dug the jelly and realised it's bitter, then they laughed and said the teapot is actually sugar syrup to sweeten the jelly! Omg! How blur of me! Anyway, it's refreshing and I did add tons of syrup. Hee hee.


  1. Anonymous11:30 PM

    Interesting dishes my friend and thanks for the info. Ive read about your review on fusion and because of that i would avoid the place as I rather spend my money on something worth while.

    Now here are some restaurants I want you to try:

    Wecan: The pandan chicken is better than Lemongrass (kiulap and jerudong)
    Manjaro: The fries is the only dish worth tasting. The place gives me shivers each time as the customers are normally what you would call "Batty boys" haha
    Shikai: The ducks are good but try the beancurd dish
    Nasikandar: Go for the ACC ayam pedas!
    Zaika: The most expensive indian restaurant in brunei but the only worthy dish is the tandoori chix
    Capers: Tried the Tenderloin steak? Better than charcoal in my book

    Well thats all for the moment.. oh and if you go for japanese food, dont bother going to Sushi Tei, Kaizen and Misato... their quality is a disgrace!

    my remarks are quite crude eh thats why I dont write blogs hehe


  2. Anonymous9:47 AM


    Where can I find one good donuts in Brunei? Im craving for donuts. Well used to have Dunkin Donuts in Brunei but not anymore.. So where can I find it?

  3. Thanks for the recommendations MIKE.

    As for Donuts, I am not sure about finding good donuts in Brunei. Perhaps some of the readers can give their comments here.

  4. Hate reading your post at night..

    I'll become a big fat mouse searching for food..but all I get is nothing compare with what you blogged.

  5. Nonnie - Nvm - will post more recipes next time :P

  6. Anonymous12:38 PM

    its gui ling gao, not kui ling kao