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Review: Dragon - I restaurant

My friend, Kenex, asked me to meet her at One Utama, so I try to take taxi from Taman Tun to there. I hailed a cab and when I went in... I uttered "Satu Utama". The taxi driver looked at me with his stern eyes and say ... Apa? I then realized and then say One Utama. Lame story but when I told my friend about it, she was laughing her ass off. I then met Ching, another KL blogging friend as well. We were taking our time deciding where to eat, then I decided to try Vietnamese restaurant, until I saw Dragon-I.

My friend and boss Kenex

Ching, KL Blogger

Anywayz, on the way there, I saw this nice advertisement about Dragon-I restaurant where they say they have the best La Mee and Pao. I decided that I must sample their speciality and upon meeting my friends, suggested that we go there and try it.

Warau! Their tissue already so stylo their packaging. Let's see how's their food.

Beef Stew Soup La Mee

What's so special about their La Mee is that they only have one long strand of noodle per bowl to show how stretchable their La Mee is. They will usually ask you how many person's sharing the noodle so they will use scissors to cut it in front of you. The Beef Stew Soup La Mee Kenex ordered has a very nice beefy flavour and the La Mee needless to say has a very nice chewy bouncy texture. Definitely a must try!

Ching ordered the hot and sour La Mee and the soup's spiciness is just right for our tastebuds. A very flavoursome soup.

Now comes the Xiau Long Pao (Little Dragon Pao), take care when you eat this as this pau contains soup inside one. One normally puts it on a spoon, take a small bite and sip the soup and then take small bites. It's seriousyly nice and the aroma tempts you to take one huge bite! Ching tried to take a big bite and slightly burned her tongue, but luckily got her nice Liang Teh to soothe the burn.

Here's the Wontons in Red Sauce that Ching Ordered.

Pan fried steamed Pau

Overall, we enjoyed the meal but our vegetable dish never arrived since there were too many customers and the orders were quite slow. We spent almost RM95 for the dishes including drinks. Quite expensive but it's a good experience to try.

We then proceed to hunt for dessert - the girls were already full but I still have room. We ended up having Kui Ling Kao - some kind of herbal jelly that's quite refreshing. They gave me a teapot along with the jelly. Initially, I thought, what a new concept! Jelly and drink tea? I assumed you finish the jelly and then pour tea into the cup. Kenex and Ching thought I was kidding but when I dug the jelly and realised it's bitter, then they laughed and said the teapot is actually sugar syrup to sweeten the jelly! Omg! How blur of me! Anyway, it's refreshing and I did add tons of syrup. Hee hee.


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Review: Restaurant Jalan Tanjong Dua

I went to KL on a shopping and dining holiday. My friend Kenex brought me to this nice place where they serve western food at very reasonable prices. It's a Burmese area in Kuala Lumpur. It's like a restaurant with many different stores selling different food such as Wonton Noodles, Roasted Pork and Duck but this place is famous for it's affordable yet tasty western food.

Situated at around Jalan Tanjung 2. This is a popular eating place for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The Spaghetti is quite good here where they stir fry thin spaghetti with onion and black pepper and served with their special tomato sauce. You can then choose what you want to accompany the pasta - from ham and egg to black pepper lamb chops.

This is what's popular over there. They have sausage, ham and egg with salad and the spaghetti for only RM4.20. The pasta is stir-fried to a nice crispy texture with a strong aroma of black pepper and herbs. The sauce is light and not too rich, which goes very well with the noodles.

My spaghetti with black pepper chicken chop costs RM 8.80

This one comes with fish fillet and sauce but I wouldn't order this one again as their fish wasn't that tasty but I'll order the value for money Ham, Sausage and Egg one. I personally like their spaghetti very much and it's slightly spicy with a hint of garlic as well.

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Review: Fusion restaurant

Apparently, a new restaurant opened up in the Mall, taking over the spot that used to belonged to KURA. It's called Fusion and I am always a fan of fusion cuisine, where east meets west, the global cuisine where you mix different styles and ingredients from different genres of cooking. Needless to say, I was interested and decided to have a try.

The initial impression was good for their furniture and outlook. Furtheremore, got promotion - 30% discount. When I received their menu, I was appalled. Poorly designed, no description for each food and the pictures were scattered around. I had to ask the waiter what picture is which and what is actually the food I am ordering. One pasta dish's name was the God Father but when I asked the waiter what type of pasta it was, his reply was - it's pasta sir. My god, does he think I am an idiot? I asked him what kind of sauce it is and he can't even answer.

I decided to order Truffle chicken and my friend ordered the beef straganoff pasta. My other friend ordered the cherry cheesecake. The beef straganoff pasta was normal - nothing special, I would had rathered eat all I can at Capers, to be honest. The cheesecake was well .... to be honest .... disappointing, I would be ultra disappointed if there wasn't a 30% discount.

Now the chicken meat , it was UNDERCOOKED! IT HAD PINK BITS! My gosh! Their excuse was, it's grilled chicken, so it has pink bits. My gosh. Frankly, my dear readers, I am appalled and decided to ask the food to be sent back to the kitchen - I had already eaten part of it anyway and had to pay the bloody $7 for possible food poisoning.

Quote: From Good Medicine

"And you don’t want to eat chicken undercooked. At retail stores, salmonella and campylobacter are commonly found on chicken products. These live bacteria easily transfer to cooking surfaces, utensils, and hands and can cause a serious intestinal illness."

Frankly, the foods average and gives the WRONG impression on fusion cuisine. I don't see any FUSION at all. As my friend Wan says, it's more CONFUSION than fusion, since they first got our orders wrong, then our bill came and it was very wrong - from $25 increase till $48. So big difference meh?

My other friend Sasha thought their motto : East Meets West was pathetic. It should had been East Meets Ass. I would honestly not eat at this restaurant again.

Verdict: Avoid it. Spend your hard earned money elsewhere.

Advice to restaurant: Change your menu design, train your staff about the food, menu needs to actually be FUSION cuisine as I see only western cuisines in the restaurant, staff needs to be more professional when dealing with ordering and billing. Chef needs something up his arse as well for serving undercooked grilled chicken and then claimed grilled chicken has pink undercooked bits as normal.

Note: I did take any photos as I did not bring my camera with me, but thank god I didn't, would had been a waste of battery energy.


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Lemongrass Restaurant Review

The other day I went to Lemongrass Restaurant in Kiulap for dinner. My friends were surprised to hear that I didn't know about Lemongrass. They claimed every Chinese in Brunei should know about Lemongrass: a thai restaurant. I usually eat at the Thai restaurant in Jerudong and I'm a known lover of green curries and tom yams.

This is the seafood tomyam soup presented on a nice claypot bowl. It's hot and sour flavour has a nice kick and not too spicy so most people should enjoy this soup but personally I prefer my favourite Jerudong Thai Restaurant.

This panang curry would be suitable for those who can't eat really spicy. Spicy curries lover should avoid this and order the green curry.

The fishcakes were alright but I find them lacking texture and greasy. Could had done better.

My friends highly recommend their pandan chicken. You need to get your hands greasy for this as you unwrap the pandan chicken. Inside the parcel is marinated mince chicken that tastes awesome. This is one of the reasons I would come back here again.


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Happy Birthday Mum

Today is mum's birthday. I remember the way I used to be such a fussy eater and my mum will cook and prepare things to my liking and pamper me like a prince. My mother loves the taste of coconut and I remember one day I prepared a Thai style omelette with crab meat and a touch of coconut. I presented her with total confidence that she will like it. Unfortunately, she's not open to this new thai style flavour but she still tried to finish it. But at least she liked the coconut dessert - phew. Here's the recipe for coconut pudding.

Coconut Pudding by Amy Beh from

  • 5 egg whites
  • 2 tbsp sugar

  • 1 tbsp instant jelly
  • 2 tsp custard powder
  • 125ml water
  • 2 tbsp gelatine, dissolve in 50ml hot water

  • 300ml single cream
  • 100ml thick coconut milk

    Whip up ingredients (A) till just stiff.

    Combine (B) together in a small saucepan. Add dissolved gelatine and cook over low heat until all ingredients have dissolved completely. Pour dissolved ingredients into the beaten egg whites (ingredients A). Continue to whip up until well-combined.

    Add in ingredients (C) to mix. Pour mixture into individual moulds or ice-cream cups. Chill well until set.

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