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Review: Fusion restaurant

Apparently, a new restaurant opened up in the Mall, taking over the spot that used to belonged to KURA. It's called Fusion and I am always a fan of fusion cuisine, where east meets west, the global cuisine where you mix different styles and ingredients from different genres of cooking. Needless to say, I was interested and decided to have a try.

The initial impression was good for their furniture and outlook. Furtheremore, got promotion - 30% discount. When I received their menu, I was appalled. Poorly designed, no description for each food and the pictures were scattered around. I had to ask the waiter what picture is which and what is actually the food I am ordering. One pasta dish's name was the God Father but when I asked the waiter what type of pasta it was, his reply was - it's pasta sir. My god, does he think I am an idiot? I asked him what kind of sauce it is and he can't even answer.

I decided to order Truffle chicken and my friend ordered the beef straganoff pasta. My other friend ordered the cherry cheesecake. The beef straganoff pasta was normal - nothing special, I would had rathered eat all I can at Capers, to be honest. The cheesecake was well .... to be honest .... disappointing, I would be ultra disappointed if there wasn't a 30% discount.

Now the chicken meat , it was UNDERCOOKED! IT HAD PINK BITS! My gosh! Their excuse was, it's grilled chicken, so it has pink bits. My gosh. Frankly, my dear readers, I am appalled and decided to ask the food to be sent back to the kitchen - I had already eaten part of it anyway and had to pay the bloody $7 for possible food poisoning.

Quote: From Good Medicine

"And you don’t want to eat chicken undercooked. At retail stores, salmonella and campylobacter are commonly found on chicken products. These live bacteria easily transfer to cooking surfaces, utensils, and hands and can cause a serious intestinal illness."

Frankly, the foods average and gives the WRONG impression on fusion cuisine. I don't see any FUSION at all. As my friend Wan says, it's more CONFUSION than fusion, since they first got our orders wrong, then our bill came and it was very wrong - from $25 increase till $48. So big difference meh?

My other friend Sasha thought their motto : East Meets West was pathetic. It should had been East Meets Ass. I would honestly not eat at this restaurant again.

Verdict: Avoid it. Spend your hard earned money elsewhere.

Advice to restaurant: Change your menu design, train your staff about the food, menu needs to actually be FUSION cuisine as I see only western cuisines in the restaurant, staff needs to be more professional when dealing with ordering and billing. Chef needs something up his arse as well for serving undercooked grilled chicken and then claimed grilled chicken has pink undercooked bits as normal.

Note: I did take any photos as I did not bring my camera with me, but thank god I didn't, would had been a waste of battery energy.


  1. Anonymous3:49 AM

    lapas ku post arah BBR barutah ku tebaca that it was you who wrote this post so here i am, copy-pasting :P

    i didnt like it there either. Had salmon and it tasted so bad, i cant put my finger on what was wrong with it exactly but it tasted sort of old. i would comment more but then I dont remember much about the food, i only remember that i was disappointed, glad that there was a 30% discount (so i wouldnt have to pay so much for ****) and that im never going there again, once is enough :)

  2. Anonymous9:52 PM

    bad. Fusion restaurant is under the same management as Sushi Tei. Go figure.

  3. Anonymous12:28 AM

    i recently went there.. a month ago or so.. wasnt that bad.. was kinda nice actually.. didnt order any 'western' dish like pasta. think their east meets west was more.. realistic.. than the west meets east.

    and their menu explained wat is in the dish.. i might be mistaken n confuse it with another place, but i do remember thinking if the place wasnt pricey, i'd be coming back soon..

  4. Anonymous8:25 PM

    Had lunch there last year with 2 friends. It's the worse meal I have had in a long time. And, the ambiance was dull, made me feel pretty uncomfortable. I probably would go back but it definitely wouldn't be my first choice in the Mall.