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Nutella Cheesecake

Guys - I must thank you all for the messages, emails, sms and the pep talk you've given me. I've been going through a very tough time and been very busy with work. It's difficult when you feel depressed - you get tired really easy and there's no mood to do anything at all.

Last night, I was surfing and I found this interesting recipe from It was supposed to be a non-baked cheesecake but after reading the comments from readers, I decided to follow their advice and bake it slightly. Here's the recipe for *drum rolls*

Nutella Cheesecake


* 2 packages(250g each) Philadelphia cream cheese, softened
* 350g chocolate hazelnut spread (nutella)
* one teaspoon vanilla extract
* one egg
* Your choice of crust (I used oreo cookie crust)


1. Prebake your crust in the oven for 7-8 minutes (350 farenheit). While waiting, combine other ingredients and mix well.

2. Pour in the filling and bake for 30 minutes. Let it cool in the oven for 1-2 hours then take it out and chill in the fridge for 8 hours overnite.

3. Cut and serve.

Cheesecakes pack a lot of calories but it's nice to indulge once in a while.


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