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The Finale Post

After coming home and checking my blog comments and chatbox - I've decided to close this food blog. My intentions of this blog were good and meant as a place to share recipes I had found and mostly tried and tested. I never intended to offend anyone by not crediting their recipes.

I posted many recipes from and used pictures and photos from that site as well as other sources from other websites. I offer Gina and other members of kitchen capers my apology. I took their recipes and pictures without their permission and I am wrong for doing so.

If anyone else has been to this site and realized that I took photos or recipes from their website, I am sorry as well.

From today onwards, Cookie Monsterz blog is no more. I will close this blog as an apology to those that felt unhappy because of my blog. Thank you for those who had been supporting this blog and I really enjoyed updating and writing this blog.


  1. Awwww... :( Really??? Oh well, good luck in any cooking adventures you would have from now on anyway. :)

  2. Anonymous10:35 PM


    Saya selalu juga menjenguk blog awak, seronok juga akan isi kandungan blog awak. Ada interesting topik juga. Sayang sekali sudah mau 'dihukum mati' blog kamu ini..... Adakah mengganggu jika saya berbahasa melayu. Jika saya tulis dalam bahasa inggerisnya lewat nak ditaipkan.

    Penang, Malaysia.

  3. Anonymous10:38 PM


  4. Anonymous8:41 AM why? your blog is your personal space... so what if ppl do not like it? I guess you are strong enough to "ignore" them, I tell you what, do not close the blog... make it password protected , so ppl who appreciate your blog will be benefited from it ...and still enjoy reading it...PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Anonymous1:09 PM

    cana jua mun urg2nya atu babal bauta. cam bulih ko mental lagi? mun paham bisai. well anyways, happy cooking!

  6. Anonymous4:15 PM

    In the first place, blogging's just a place to share thoughts and things with others - not for profit. So I wonder why people can be pissed when you use their pictures and recipes and share it with other people - you did mention that you got it from kitchen capers and its obvious that its not yours anyway.

    Thanis, you had done a great job with this blog and it would be a shame to close the blog just because some people who are concerned with credit and copyright are unhappy with this.

    Your blog is a nice place to find good recipes and it's entertaining and informative. Not everyone has the time to do that and reference everything in the net. Don't be too hard on yourself.

    I've been reading your blog and think it would be sad to see it end. Please reconsider and ignore those comments and remarks. They had been very harsh and sometimes, we need to lighten up and realise that in the first place, the internet is a place to share.


  7. Anonymous11:20 PM

    What?! Just because of something so trivial? You gotta be kidding me. Ignore those people! It's just personal blog for sharing recipes. I would be flattered if someone used my recipe and pictures for their blog and I noticed that you mentioned their site in your posts.

    Did they expect you to list out every detail and get permission for every picture and recipe? It's the internet man, not a thesis or academic essay.

    Don't be so hard on yourself. Keep the blog going and just forget about them .

  8. Anonymous1:13 AM

    I know is your blog and you can do anything with it but it is not right using other people recipe and pictures without asking for permission. Is copyright issue. I can understand that some people might be angry but you already apolozied and I don't think you should shut down your blog. I think you should continue blogging.

  9. Awwww, the people in the Internet are so sweet. :D I do hope you'll take their comments to heart. I agree with the anonymous who said that this isn't an academic dissertation, hehe. I would also be flattered if someone found my recipes good enough to post on their blog. ;) *ahem, hint hint, HAHA!* Please please please don't quit. :)

  10. oh my gosh! NOoooooooooooooo!
    Don't close down la! Sob . this make me so upset & angry at those who made u do this. You did not mention about this when i saw you just now!!

    Most people also take recipe here and there ma (including me, ya me, i have no problem admitting it. I am not such a great cook that i can invent my own recipe)

    Don't close la. Ur blog is my inspiration.

    You do have to post others' recipe. You can post your own ma. I had gone through their forum, it was quite harsh. I may understand how they feel because they think you have taken something from them without "asking" them first but to judge you like that, i think it's unfair.

    They do not know you in person and have no right to pass judgment on you just because of something that can be resolve in a more reasonable way.

    i doubt they believe you are too busy to go online and reply them. Some other people who have access to internet from home to work (like most Singapore firm or Co.) probably didn't even think of the possibility that some company do not have internet access in other countries.

    Like mine, only lawyer can have access to internet what.

    You have made your apologised, they accept or not is their problem. I don't think it's necessary to close down the blog at all

    For people who cannot forgive one and give him another chance is a petty creature. 真的是个超级小气鬼

    Remove those recipes that they complaint about if they are so upset about it, leave your own behind & continue to post your stuff lo.

    KC members, if you are reading this, i just want to say "education Officer so what le... education officer also human what. 不要一直把教师主任这个职位搬出来 Lawyers also break rules, no big deal. Human are not perfect. We would be god if we are perfect. I understand very well about copyright law but there is no need to use harsh languages"

    If it's me, you want me to close down my blog, you will have to sue me legally

    Hence, don't close down your blog please!!!! I support u all the way

    ** just now got error so don't know got post dao or not, if double post, please delete this.

  11. Anonymous4:53 AM

    Don't close down your blog! What you can do is maybe just take "unpost" the posts of the recipes and pics that you "borrowed" from the other websites and just start afresh. Seems like you've got plenty of support from fans not to close down this blog. Go on, be a devil...

  12. Privatized it instead of closing..

  13. I would like to thank those who have been very supportive and those emails that I had received and comments in this blog have been very encouraging. I will probably not post for some time due to personal reasons but will let you guys know if I re-open the blog.

    Thank you very much guys. I really appreciate all the support.

  14. We live and learn mate. Just a minor issue, they'll get over it. Besides you're not making money off them, the site is open to all and its not like you're printing those recipies and selling it off right?

    Some sites are quite bitchy about this stuff really, especially those that doesnt get good hits. To them you're stealing their audience when infact you're actually doing them a favour by linking back to them.

    I think most sites now has the mutual understanding that if you use anything from them, just make sure you credit and link back to them. But like I said before, some are a bit stuck-up and wants you to email them bla bla bla...

    Anyway, I hope you'll keep your kitchen open, I'll be sad to see one less Bruneian foodie blog really ;)

  15. PLEASE!!! Comeback we love your Food views..