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The Finale Post

After coming home and checking my blog comments and chatbox - I've decided to close this food blog. My intentions of this blog were good and meant as a place to share recipes I had found and mostly tried and tested. I never intended to offend anyone by not crediting their recipes.

I posted many recipes from and used pictures and photos from that site as well as other sources from other websites. I offer Gina and other members of kitchen capers my apology. I took their recipes and pictures without their permission and I am wrong for doing so.

If anyone else has been to this site and realized that I took photos or recipes from their website, I am sorry as well.

From today onwards, Cookie Monsterz blog is no more. I will close this blog as an apology to those that felt unhappy because of my blog. Thank you for those who had been supporting this blog and I really enjoyed updating and writing this blog.


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