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Celebrity Look Alikes

I was surfing and stumbled upon this site where you can upload your photo and they will analyse it and see how much you look like celebrities. I decided to upload a few photos just for fun.

After analysing the various results, it appears I have similarities to Leslie Chung, Takuya Kimura and my favourite all time actor Stephen Chow! Of course, I am just an average looking guy who just is just curious, if I look 90% like them, then I song lo .. hee hee .. shiok sendiri eh me here! Another interesting thing to note is that I might have more feminine features as I got more female than male matches. Hmmm...

I simply cannot resist using the photo of one of the most famous blogger of all times. *drum rolls*

Presenting Kenny Sia!

I hope Kenny Sia won't be angry at me ah -- paiseh ah Abang Kenny Sia.

Apparently Kenny Sia and Jacky Cheung's nose look very similar, if i got a clearer photo of Kenny Sia, maybe can get higher %!

I simply cannot resist putting a cute photo of a piggy doll and guess what! 62% look like Fabio Cannavaro! The famous Italian footballer! I know some Italian footballers can be a pig and here's a proof!


  1. LOL. Someone actually looks like a pig in real life.

    Abang Kenny Sia? Are you sure he's older than you?


  2. haha. In the blogging world, he is like the Tai Lou I tell you.

  3. HAHa... Thank god...u didn't put my pic or else I'm gonna write u ,as a "bad guy" again! hahahahahahahahaha

    *pokes your forehead*