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Camden Market Food Tour

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Camden Market 

Having studied in the UK for the past three years, I never had the opportunity to eat at Camden Market. On my current visit to the UK I made sure that this popular market would be the first on my must-try list. Known for its liveliness, quirky attitude and hipster culture, Camden Town is home to Camden Market, one of the most popular street food markets in London. With a range of food stalls scattered across a large area, you'll be overwhelmed by the aroma of food, friendly street food vendors and the large number of customers who flock there everyday. Offering a wide range of cuisines and vegan-friendly options, Camden Market is a great choice for every type of person seeking cheap and fast food. Keep reading to find out what I had in Camden Market.

Oli Baba's Halloumi Fries

If you ever search for Camden Market on the internet, you'll surely come across Oli Baba's popular and totally Instagram-worthy halloumi fries.

What I had here: Sticks of halloumi fried to golden-brown and topped with yoghurt, pomegranate seeds, mint and chilli infused honey.
Cost: £6

Thoughts: The toppings added a nice combination of flavours where sweet, salty and tangy meet in the middle. Although the halloumi retained its pleasantly soft, chewy texture and remained moist, I felt like the outer crust could've done with more crunchiness to add more textural contrast to the dish. Portion size was huge too and would be perfect for sharing with some of your friends.

Arepazo Bros

Think typical street food: hearty, greasy and filling. Arepazo Bros can satisfy your street food needs.

What I had here: Pabellon which consists of corn flour bread wrap filled with shredded beef, melted cheese, fried plantains, black beans, avocado and pico de gallo.
Cost: £7

Thoughts: The corn flour bread had an amazing texture with a crispy and crunchy toasted outer layer while the inside remained soft and warm with an almost melty cheese texture. To make it better, the crunchy crust and fluffy inside of the fried plantains added an extra element of fun texture. The beef was cooked perfectly too being just tender, moist and full of flavour. All in all, everything worked harmoniously together and it was like receiving a warm hug in one bite.

The Mac Factory

Forget bland and mushy mac and cheese. Your typical comfort food gets an upgrade here at the Mac Factory.

What I had here: Posh Spice Mac and Cheese which consists of a blend of mature cheddar and mozarella cheese, chunks of spicy chorizo, caramelised onions and harissa (hot chilli paste), topped with a parmesan and thyme crumble.
Cost: £7

Thoughts: Deliciously creamy, cheesy and flavourful with a lovely hint of spicy chili aroma. The spicy chorizo also adds a lovely salty bite and just the tiniest kick of spice which is perfect for non-spicy food eaters who still want a bit more heat. The parmesan and thyme crumble added a fragrant aroma and nice crunchy texture which worked well with the soft and smooth macaroni pasta and cheese sauce.


Chin Chin Labs

Another popular spot that's been blowing up the internet, Chin Chin labs is Europe's first ice cream parlour where the ice cream is frozen with liquid nitrogen.

What I had here: Burnt butter caramel ice cream on top of handmade torched marshmallow
Cost: £4+
Thoughts: Probably one of the smoothest ice cream I've had yet where it just melts instantly in the mouth and my spoon glides so easily through it. The ice cream did have a rather strong smoky flavour to it and a bitter aftertaste which may be of preference for some but I found it a little overwhelming. The torched marshmallow however, was soft, sticky and just the right amount of sweetness.

Know any other places I might've left out in my Camden Market tour or know any places I should try in London? Feel free to comment below.

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