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KFC Spicy Gochujang Crunch


KFC Brunei now offers the KFC Chicken with a Korean twist, the Spicy Gochujang Crunch! As Korea is very famous for their crispy fried chicken with a sweet spicy sauce ~ I’m pretty excited to check out KFC’s version of Gochujang!


The Spicy Gochujang Crunch offers a Korean touch with the combination of a premium honey gochujang sauce and the signature crunchy KFC Hot & Spicy chicken. Mmm ~~  Oppa likey ~~


"With the current Korean wave in Brunei; we have created this special dip with a Korean twist to go with the all time favorite hot & spicy chicken." said Mr. Ooi, General Manager of KFC Brunei.


KFC Spicy Gochujang Crunch is a product that allows customers to experience unique flavors. With the tagline ‘It's a Korean taste that brings out the love’, KFC’s Spicy Gochujang Crunch would appeal to those who are always on the lookout for something new and exciting as well as those who love all things Korean.


KFC is offering 2- piece and 3-piece combos from BND 7.70. The combo is inclusive of two or three pieces of chicken, honey gochujang sauce, regular whipped potato, regular coleslaw and one regular carbonated drink. The KFC Spicy Gochujang Crunch is available nationwide at all KFC restaurants, while stocks last.


You can either drizzle or dunk them into the sauce like we did ~~ mmm ~~


The crispy hot and spicy chicken really goes well with the sweet honey Gochujang sauce in my opinion! I was surprised that it’s not a cheese sauce from the creamy looking sauce but it’s actually delightful!


You gotta do it for the gram! Boomerang or IG story that lovely drizzle of gochujang sauce on that hot and crispy fried chicken ~~mmm mmm~~~


Karen and Cha Ying enjoying the Korean twist to the KFC Hot and Spicy Chicken!


Om nom nom nom ~~~~


Ooo be sure to try out these new snacks on the menu! Hot & Spicy prawns are DA BOMB!!


Seriously yum and comes at 5 pc Ala carte for BND 3.60!!


It’s time to get some friends and pop over to KFC for some finger lickin good Korean inspired Gochujang Hot and Spicy Chicken!!

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