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Brunei Restaurants: Radisson Tasek Brasserie new menu additions ~~


Radisson’s Tasek Brasserie new menu has been launched last year and I wrote quite a comprehensive report about the items on their new menu. This month ~ Tasek Brasserie added some new additions to their menu to give more variety for their customers. You can refer to my previous post on their menu if you haven’t read it.


Let’s begin with the appetizers, the first one is this gorgeous Thai Beef Salad – with premium sliced beef and Thai style shredded vegetables salad. In most restaurants, they don’t use premium cuts of beef so this is really a treat! A very posh refreshing salad to start our meal!


Our 2nd appetizer is a classic twist on the favourite fish or prawn fritters that we love to enjoy while sipping lemonade by the pool ~~ it’s salt and pepper crispy squid served with sweet chili sauce and lemon wedges ~~


Tasek’s chicken lollipop is a marriage of lovely sambal with fried chicken shaped into lollipop shape ~~ seriously yum!


Oooooo yes ~~~ extra sambal please!


For our soup course – we will always have their mushroom cappuccino~~ this isn’t a new dish but we love this so much we ordered it specially ~~~ one of the best mushroom soup in Brunei for me ~


The new soup on the block ~~ oxtail soup is bound to win the hearts of many ~~~ superbly tender oxtail cooked with hours of tender loving slow cooking ~~ mmmm ~~~‘


For the main course ~ we tried out the lamb shank ~ which was off the bone tenderlicious!


I quite enjoyed their beautifully piped mash potatoes ~~~ goes super well with the gravy ~~


They have two choices for their cannelloni ~~ beef or spinach ricotta ~~~~~ baked with lots of cheese!


We decided to go for the spinach ricotta one as we have quite a lot of meat already ~~ mmm would you look at that ~~ pasta roll stuffed with ricotta spinach and baked with more cheesy goodness ~~ a pretty heavy main course ~~ satisfying!


Last but not least is Tasek’s signature Angus beef loin steak ~~ oooh la la ~~~


Seriously beautiful and I would suggest ordering it medium rare doneness for maximum enjoyment!! Perfectly seared and seasoned!


For their new desserts ~~ we have an enjoyable citron tart ~~ that is not too sweet and not too sour as well. I quite enjoyed this tart but fans of citron tart will want it to be more sour/tang ~ but for me ~~ it suits my palette ~~ not too sweet or sour ~~ just right ~~


With the recent pandan craze happening internationally ~~ you can enjoy pandan infused creme brulee here ~~~ Ooooh yesss ~~~


The chocolate dome was beautifully presented ~~~ had a good texture with a really good surprise of oozing chocolate at the center ~~ my favourite of the three we tried tonight ~~

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-22 at 1.33.15 PM

oooh here’s how you can get a 10 percent discount off Tasek ~~ valid until 24th October 2017 ~ just show this picture to them ~~~


For more information about the other dishes on their menu ~~ do click on this link

Tasek Brasserie,

Radisson Hotel Brunei

Jalan Tasek, Bandar Seri Begawan,

+673 224 4272 for reservations

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