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Radisson Hotel Brunei: Deals New Set Dinner Menu For August!


If you are looking for a place to celebrate a special occasion this August, Radisson Hotel’s Deals Restaurant has prepared a fine dining experience set menu.


The ambience alone makes Deals a posh choice to dine in Brunei. If you want to impress someone – or been saving up to treat them – you can’t go wrong with Deals.

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The Set Menu is $70 per person and you get to choose from appetizers, soupa, main courses and desserts.


For the first appetizer is a trio of seared scallops, served with green tea puree and mango chutney (which my wife really enjoyed) and topped crispy shredded ginger to add texture and flavour.


A great combination and I wished there were more ~~ but appetizers are supposed to make you want more ~~ not make you full! haha~~


I opt for the Prawn Tempura, which is served with  lovely creamy macedoine vegetables, Asian mixed lettuce and wasabi Mayo ~~ a great start to the night ~


Mmmm ~~~ gorgeous bite sized morsel ~~~ nom nom ~~


For soups – this is the seafood bouillabaisse – seafood duxelle (chopped up mixed seafood) served with seafood broth and seafood foam


Be ready to boomerang this!


Quite a luxurious soup ~~~ little chunks of seafood in every slurp ~~


La Pote, a vegetarian option, cassoulette beans and vegetable broth ~~


A pretty hearty soup that would be great on a rainy day ~~ tasty high fibre protein soup that is good for you!


You will get a passion fruit sorbet before your mains as a palette cleanser ~~ now for mains ~~ we picked the lamb rack, that is served with lamb jus, roasted pumpkin, pumpkin puree, grilled root vegetables, date and almond ball!


I always prefer my lamb medium rare ~~~ *drools* juicy!


We also had the pan seared sea bass ~~ which is interestingly served with mixed beans, roasted apple, apple puree, lemon and butter!


I must say I liked the use of apples to match with the lovely crispy skin seabass – the flavour of the apples complement the slight buttery sea bass.


For dessert, this is the Royale Framboise – a layer of raspberry jelly and ganache with chocolate sponge, served with raspberry sorbet on the side.


An elegantly presented chocolate that is balanced by the sweet tang of the raspberry sorbet.


The other beautiful dessert is Almond Blancmange – you get this soft almond creme mixture, served with almond honey snap and topped with apple compote – I have to say I like the crunch of the almond honey snap!


You gotta love down to earth home made vanilla ice cream! Yum!


Dinner is then finished with your choice of coffee or tea ~~ ahhh ~~


Now here’s a tip! If you want to have private dining for a super special occasion, you may call for deals to arrange for you to have dinner at their private dining rooms in the upper floors where you can have some privacy or maybe propose to your girlfriend – there are minimum orders and extra charges for that of course!

Deals Restaurant

Radisson Hotel

Jalan Tasek, BS8211 Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei

+673 2244272

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