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KFC Zinger Double Down is now in Brunei! The wait is over!

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When I heard that Malaysia announced the Zinger Double Down ~~ I was pretty excited for it to be launched in Brunei. After a long wait – it has finally arrived! Ladies and Gentleman ~~ let’s welcome Zinger Double Down to Brunei! w0000!!


I managed to get check out the Zinger Double Down  at their Airport Mall branch ~~ mmm ~~~ come to think of it ~~ have you checked out their awesome KFC Breakfasts? But that’s for another post of course!


The KFC ALL MEAT NO BUN slogan ~~ yes baby ~~ who needs all those buns when all you want is that delicious piece of Zinger ~~ and make that DOUBLE!


The Zinger Double Down comes nicely wrapped to make it less messy and easier to eat ~~


Peek a boo ~~ hello there you gorgeous Zinger Double Down!


This is how you enjoy the Zinger Double Down mess free ~~~


Fold the edges of the wrapper down ~~ and you are ready to enjoy it ~~


You get two pieces of crispy boneless Zinger Chicken patty – with mayo, cheese slice and to add to that cheeziness – you have KFC’s signature Cheese Sauce! *DROOLS*


*DROOLS* SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!! Look at how cheesylicious that Zinger  Double Down is ~~ oooh KFC what have you done!!??


All hail The Double Down Zinger!! Marinated and battered with their secret spices then fried to gorgeousness ~~ to be enjoyed with another delicious piece ~~ with lovely slice of cheese ~~ mayo and cheese sauce ~~~


Now obviously my giant hands make the Double Down look smaller but I assure you ~~~ after eating one of these ~~ confirm you are very very FULL! Photography tip ~~ when you want to photograph a sandwich and burger ~~ find someone with petite hands ~ unlike mine ~~


As you can see – it’s actually quite a big piece ~~ my brother Adrian enjoying the Double Down ~~ nom nom ~~~


Seriously good eats ~~ nom nom ~~~ better grab them before they are sold out! Seriously good to the last bite ~~


You can order the Zinger Double Down for $6.50 onwards ala carte or have it as a combo with KFC Signature fries and soft drink ~~~


The Double Down Zinger Combo is $7.70 ~~


Don’t forget to look at the value for money Bucket Berbaloi deals (in case you got a big family waiting for you to feed and you can’t buy 5 Zinger Double Downs) ~~ starting from $15.90 onwards ~~ on this table you see is the $27.90 for 9 pieces of delicious Kentucky Fried Chicken (I requested for mixed Original and Spicy hence two plates) , two cheesy wedges, one large whipped potatoes and large bottle of Pepsi! What a KFC FEAST!!


Mmmmm Cheesy Wedges ~~~ one of my sinful cravings from time to time ~~

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So what are you waiting for? The Double Down Zinger will be available in all KFC outlets beginning 24th July 2017! Will you be the first group of people to have it?!

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