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Trip of Wonders: Day 1 Eat Gudeg Yu Djum - Drink Epic Coffee


Let the coffee tell the story ~~ hee hee~~



The fun part of Trip of Wonders is that we usually don’t need to lug our heavy luggages around – the challenging part is to pack your luggage and check them out at the lobby at around 5am in the morning and you won’t see your luggage until you check in the hotel way later in the night. Most of us woke up at 5 to drop our luggage at the lobby when tried to get some more sleep but unfortunately hunger strikes and most of us were crying on whatsapp about how hungry we are now ~~ hahahha



Fortunately for us ~~ the breakfast opened earlier than usual and we walked in happily to enjoy the breakfast ~~ though not everything was ready yet but when you’re hungry ~ food is food ~~



No matter where ~ Gzul always seem to emit an aura of awesomeness ~~ even when he’s hungrily staring at what to eat ~~ look at that pose ~~ natural swag I tell ya ~~



Salad station ~~ I decided I wanna eat healthy ~~ so I took more salads first ~~ me walking towards the salad on an early morning really feels like plants vs zombies and the plants are surely winning this ~~ lol ~~ oh there’s Haley looking at some yummy yoghurt ~~



Beef Bacon and Sausages for breakfast ~~~~



Desserts desserts galore ~~



Good morning mr Gzul!



I was glad to see some lontong ~~~ steamed rice that’s usually served with a curry gravy



Goes well with keropok and tempeh ~~~ ahhhhh Indonesian breakfast for the win ~~~





We all finally got on the bus to the airport – the morning traffic wasn’t bad and we reached the airport in record time!



woo hoo ~~ we have arrived at Yogyakarta airport ~~



Wefies in the bus ~~ compulsory thing to do ~~



We arrived first for 2nd breakfast ~~ a famous place for an iconic Yogyakarta dish called Gudeg ~~ Yogyakarta could be known as the Big Jackfruit ~~ as they love Gudeg ~ a dish made by cooking young unripe jackfruit for hours in palm sugar and coconut milk. The Gudeg is usually served with fried chicken and rice as well as other spicy condiments ~~ such as beef tendons ~~ woo hoo ~~



We checked out the legendary Gudeg Yu Djum, where we were welcomed with a live acoustic band singing local tunes ~~




The ambience is very much outdoor and down to earth ~~ this is as traditional as it gets ~~




Gudeg Yu Djum is legendary according to many foodies ~~ I read a great piece by Time Travel Turtle for a very well documented behind the scenes where they cook gudeg in the kitchen ~~ looks like a very time consuming task for such a simple looking dish! I wished I ventured inside the kitchen to take more photos but do check out the Time Travel Turtle’s blog for great pictures of how this dish is prepared to truly appreciate this dish.




As you can see – The Nasi Gudeg consists of the main hero ~ the hours of boiled young unripe jackfruit with spices, palm sugar and coconut milk served with spiced softened gelatinous beef tendons, boiled chicken egg and scary looking chicken leg with feet attached to it ~~~ looks scary but it can be very indulging to try ~~ it’s more on the sweeter side so you need to balance it with the spicy hot beef tendons ~~ which some might find too spicy (Kisty was blown away by the hotness) - As Eleanor Roosevelt says – do one thing everyday that scares you – this is one dish you must try when you visit Yogyakarta ~~ I heard there are some less sweet versions which might suit my palate more ~~ but this is indeed a culinary experience for foodies ~~




Of course ~~ be sure to have some glass bottled tea~~~




These rice crackers were soooooo addictive!! Once you bite ~~ its hard to stop ~~



Picture of Kisty Mea enjoying these crackers ~~ ahhhh gotta love my Fujifilm 35mm f1.4 lenses ~~



Jia Qing and Gzul excited to try out the Nasi Gudeg ~~ while we take photos forever and ever ~~~



The behind the scenes nom nom Gudeg shots ~~


Gudeg Yu Djum

Jalan Laksda Adisucipto Km8.7, Yogyakarta (easily found on Google Map)


Next Stop ~~~ EPIC COFFEE ~~~~


Epic coffee combines is like a combination of a furniture warehouse and coffee shop ~~ showcasing hipster looking furniture as well as good quality coffee ~~~ you know what time it is?? It’s OOTD TIME!



To some ~~ the coffee is not the only story ~~ but also the amount of OOTD pics you can take while visiting a cafe ~~



So much space ~~ ahhhh ~~ so much ~~~ furniture ~~~ #furnitureporn ~~ LOL



Ahhhhhhh La Marzocco Coffee Machine and their own designed takeaway coffee cup ~~~ legit signs of good coffee ~~~



You can order food here as well ~~ but this is not my food ~~ a customer ordered it ~~ but I intercept it and took photos of it ~~ hu hu hu ~~



Oh a hot day ~~ this is indeed a great sight!



Naturally ~~ I’ll wanna play with my drinks before actually drinking them ~~



Use them to take awesome cheers photos like these first ~~



or pose with them to take pretentious hipster cafe shots ~~~



Quite a lot of places to take nice photos here ~~



Lissa obviously can make a better pose than me ~ lol ~



The chemistry between the two ~~~ hee hee hee ~~~ already since day 1! (this is not a pose ~ haha)



Gzul with his OOTD Iced Coffee ~~~ or was it Tea ~~



This photo was simply epic ~~ funny as well as I was trying to take this picture ~~ I did not notice a tree with a glass lantern hanging on it ~~ and knocked my face onto it ~~~ the pain was worth it though ~~ this pic summarizes what we influencers love to do when we are at hipster cafes ~~ LOL ~~ we help each other take pics ~~ while holding our drinks or food ~



Shasha: Ohhh yes Qing ~~~ move back a bit ~~ then I want you to Luuuurve meeee~~~~ then hateeee me ~~~~~ give it to me ~~~



Yes~~~ you can see the symmetry of the trees and signboards ~~ all that green ~~~ perfect for that holding a drink shot ~~~



Rebecca Saw asked me to help her take OOTD pic also ~~ hee hee ~~~



Gzul: I will accept your offer to sing for your concert in Cambodia if you pay me $1 million

Longdy: Sure ~~~ 1 million Rupiah right?

Gzul: no no no no no no ~~ I million Breeetiiish paaunsssss ~~~



Pretentiously sips coffee ~~ while wondering why no one else is asking to take photos with me ~~ lol ~~ #foreveraloneinfluencer



Leya: Wow your husband is North Sumatran? No wonder he’s so handsome

Shasha: Yesssss ~~~ oooo you know Thanis is pretty handsome too ~~ maybe he has some North Sumatran blood in him ~~~



Jokes aside ~~ I got the chance to try out some good v60 filter coffee with their Luwak Gayo beans and it is soooo smooth and delicious ~~~ ahhhhhh goood goood goood coffee ~~~




Jia Qin trying out the filter coffee ~~ but it appears she’s not used to black yet ~~ don’t worry girl ~~ more practice with black coffee and you will soon say once you go black you don’t go back ~~



More hipster drinks for you to enjoy and do OOTD poses ~~ hahah ~~~ do check out this place when you are in Yogyakarta and on a lookout for hipster cafes ~~


Epic Coffee

Jalan Palagan Tentara Pelajar

no.29, Yogyakarta



Thank you Indonesia Tourism for sponsoring my trip to Indonesia through Trip of Wonders 2016! Follow them @Indtravel on Instagram or visit their website Wonderful Indonesia

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