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Trip of Wonders: Day 1 Cycling Village and Jathilan Dance near Borobudur Temple

and style

After tasting the Gudeg and having our coffee ~~ we made our way to a village nearby Borobudur Temple to experience cycling through the padi fields and see the village life ~~ but before that we got to check out a traditional Jathilan dance while having lunch!



Lunch for me was pretty good ~~ a spread of traditional Jogya cuisine ~~



ahhhh ~~ look at all that smoky goodness ~~~



Catfish curry anyone?? YUM ~~



Lissa having a nice helping of the fish ~~~



Longdy certainly loves his chilies ~~



A generous helping of the stir fried vegetables ~~ with deep fried tempe and tofu ~~ ahhh ~~~ not to mention the green chili stir fried noodles were yummy ~~



Kuda Lumping or Jathilan, is a traditional Javanese dance about a group of horsemen. Dancers dance as if they are riding horses made from woven bamboo with colourful colours. You gotta love the amount of effort it takes for the makeup and costumes. A passionate fiery dance with loads of energy!



Gotta love their colourful costumes and make up ~~~



The cool thing is all the locals will join you in watching the performances ~~~



You can even dress up like one of them and join in the dance like Jia Qin!



Jia Qin and her trademark smile ~~ doesn’t that smile brighten your day? *pics from Liburan Joga*


IMG_8944 copy

Our dear Youtuber Haley seems very happy with what she sees ~~ *pics from Liburan Joga*



I guess the glare from the sun is making it hard for them to open their eyes ~~~ Satya Winnie with ‘deal with it’ pose ~~ *pics from Liburan Joga*



Act fierce look ~~ hu hu hu you walked into the wrong neighborhood kiddo ~~



Group Photo ~~ Trip of Wonders 2016 ~~ *pics from Liburan Joga*



After lunch ~~ we have the cycling activity ~~ which was pretty fun and easy to be honest ~~



If some of your group can’t ride bicycles ~~ they will be taken cared off ~~ cinderella style – minus the pumpkin   ~~~ Rijal ~~ I can’t believe you didn’t join us! HAHAHA *pics from Liburan Jogja*



Naturally if you aren’t bicycling ~~ you will bear the burden of carrying all the cameras and helping people take pictures and videos ~~ just like our poor Kisty here ~



Shasha was happy to pass her camera to her as well ~ hu hu hu ~~ same as me ~~



I have to say the way the bicycles are arranged looks like a spinning class waiting to happen ~~ que the funky music pls ~~~



For the pros like Haley ~~ they can cycle while videoing ~~ madskills ~~ *pics from Liburan Jogja*



Rodel with his sexy Dji Osmo while cycling ~~ maaann ~~ I wanna get that to take good videos like him too ~~~ *pics from Liburan Jogja*



As expected of Master Satya Winnie the Pooh ~~ cycling while taking videos on her go pro are easy peasy ~~~ *pics from Liburan Jogja*



While the poor unfit Foodie Blogger is struggling to even ride the bicycle properly ~~ tsk tsk ~~ *pics from Liburan Jogja*



Having an instagram bf behind you to film and take pictures ~~ lucky gal Trice and her handsome instagram bf Seph ~~ *pics from Liburan Jogja*



haha Rebecca ~~ you open mouth so big ~~ beware of flies zooming into your mouth then you know!!



Patricia enjoying the ride ~~ *pics from Liburan Jogja*



Shani feels like a lil boy here ~~ wooooo *pics from Liburan Jogja*



Hey there Kirk and Ingga ~~ *pics from Liburan Jogja*



Notice I have no balloon on my bike? It popped all of sudden for no reason ~~ Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *insert sad song such as Photograph by Edd Sheeran* *pics from Liburan Jogja*



Pfftt ~~ look at all of you smiling with your balloons blowing against the wind taunting the poor foodie blogger who is now without one ~~~~ May a thousand needles fly towards your balloons ~~ *evil laugh* *pics from Liburan Jogja*



Kirk wishes he had planned his OOTD as well as Vesta for this cycling activity ~~ that is a really good one!  *pics from Liburan Jogja*




Thomas (another super talented Instagram BF) and Kimi ~~ Thomas actually hooked his big ass expensive camera on his pants while cycling! #nofear *pics from Liburan Jogja*



It’s always good to have a pro photographer in the group ~~ they will always help you take the most stunning photos ~~~



Wait ~~ why are we stopping? Oh ~~ there’s an instagrammable view in front ~~~ let’s stop and take more pics ~ things social influencers love to do ~~~ *pics from Liburan Jogja*



woo hoo ~~ group photo time ~~ posing to take this pic took a long time too ~~ AHHAAHAHA *pics from Liburan Jogja*



The funny thing was ~~ the cycling wasn’t supposed to take that long ~~~ we take too much time taking photos!! HAHAHA ~~ Longdy was probably looking at the time in disbelief ~~ HOW ARE WE SO SLOW?! As Mahatma Ghandi says ~~ sometimes you just have to slow down and appreciate what’s happening around you ~~~ and look out for moments that take your breathe away ~~ *okay Ghandi never said that ~~ lol ~~~*



Even after we reached our destination ~~ the picture taking doesn’t stop ~~ that’s how awesummmmmmmmm we are ~ wooo ~~~



The finishing line involves lovely traditional desserts that are pretty similar to Malaysian and Bruneian kuih ~~



Longdy: Finally we arrived ~~ omg ~~ what usually took me 10 minutes took 1 hours with these fools ~~~ *okay Longdy didn’t actually say that* hahaha



Lilliane: Yess ~~~ this will look so good on my blog later ~~




Legendary SymmetriRijal getting ready to take a shot of the food ~~~ hummmmm hummmmmm ~~~ zen mode = ON ~ symmetrical radar = ON




Rijal watches Ruth like the master looking at the student ~~~~ is that symmetrical enough?



Refreshing dessert that is similar to our cendol with coconot milk and palm sugar ~~



Ahhhhh ~~~~ perfect after a hot day of cycling and crying over your popped balloon ~~~ *sigh ~~ I need to really move on ~~* Let it gooooo Let it goooo ~~~~



The next activity we have is batik drawing and clay art ~~ where you get to keep it!



They will teach you how to mold your own clay pottery ~~~ just like the actress in the classic movie GHOST ~~ except they won’t be hugging you romantically from the back~~



Liliane having fun ~~~



I can hear the theme song from Ghost as Trice was making hers ~~ Lonely river flows ~~ wait for me ~~ wait for me ~~ I’ll be coming hoooomee ~~ waiiiittt for me ~~~ ooooo My loooovee ~ my Darrling ~~ I hungerrrr for your touuchh ~~~~



Rodel is uber excited over his work of art ~~




Such mementos of your trip to Yogyakarta are simply ~~ priceless ~~




Batik art requires a lot of patience ~~ this feels like kindy class again ~~ but with a higher difficulty level ~~



Focus focus ~~~ hocus pocus ~~~ Haley with her batik drawing as the photographer watches ~~



You also get to keep your drawings as a memento as well later in the trip ~~



Nice one brother Gzul!! Shows your artistic side ~~ I was too busy taking photographs and really regretted not joining in the activities. The two mementos would had been nice to bring back to Brunei!



The cycling trip was organized by Indonesian Tourism Trip of Wonders and you can actually organize one through Liburan Jogja website for custom packages and tours. Ours was Lunch with Jathilan followed by Cycling across the village then end with batik drawing and clay pottery activities.



A big shoutout to Vesta and Leya who had been awesome in arranging everything for us ~~ and love their OOTDs ~~ *pics from Liburan Jogja*



Thank you Indonesia Tourism for sponsoring my trip to Indonesia through Trip of Wonders 2016! Follow them @Indtravel on Instagram or visit their website Wonderful Indonesia


If you are interested in the activities we did in this blog post ~~ 


Go to this website to get a quote if you wish to attend this activity. It is something that is worth while to do when you are visiting Borobodur Temple, one of the UNESCO heritage sites in Yogyakarta! Great for teambuilding and bonding exercises ~~ or a group of friends and family having fun together.

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