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Xstalshine Nano Crystalline Technology from Sansuido

Recently I was invited to try out this new product called Nano Crystalline coating to give your car a long lasting shine and polished look.


I got to try out theXstal Shine NC0900 combo package. using two layers of coating.

Base layer using Xstalshine NC0900, finished by applying Xstal Shine SIF300 as top layer.

This technology is supposed to give your car a good polished shine while offering good protection to your car paint. It also gives benefits such as easier to wash at home – just hose with water and then wipe clean.



Whole process begins by giving a soothing spa treatment for the vehicle with high foaming shampoo.



High grade clay bar is used to perform an intense deep cleaning for the car. Remove contaminants on the paint surface. To know the effect before and after claying is by wearing a plastic bag. Immediate feel on the smoothness of the paint surface after a good claying job. A non abrasive way to remove contaminants on paint surface.



After claying, another step performed to remove car oxidation. This can be observed by looking at the chrome parts. Spots that are unable to be removed by shampoo are reduced significantly.



After hours of paints preparation, now is the show time. Firstly, NC0900 is applied to the paint surface in a small area. This is the base coating mentioned just now.



Before the chemical totally dried off, it is buffed off to take away the excess residual. A fine layer is bonded to the car paint evenly. This process is continued until the whole car paint surface is covered. You can look at the difference – before and after/



Before polish ~~ noticable grime and dull surface



This is after: A noticeable shine can be observe.



CV805 is applied to glass panel. You can see the difference between with or without. I really enjoyed driving my car even during rainy days – you will notice a big difference in the water flow on the window.

Lastly top coat by using SIV3000 is applied.


After a whole day works, the car looks really good. My dad who usually washes and polished my car is very impressed with the shine of the car. It looks as if it’s gone through a very premium car wax polish. When I told him this will last 2-3 years – he was very interested in getting his car done too.


Speedy Paint Guard System from Xstal Shine

Speedy Paint Guard System from Xstal ShineA very affordable way to shine and protect car paintDirection of useSpray Speedy Gloss onto a damped cloth and spread evenly onto wet car body. Clean with dry cloth with a glossy look. Wet car again, spray Speedy Protect onto car body directly and spread evenly with damped cloth. Spray car body to see protect layer formed to repel water. Dry car to finish.

Posted by Sansuido on Thursday, 8 October 2015


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