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#GoTemburong: Where and what to eat in Temburong


I have already covered where to eat in Bandar Seri Begawan as well as Belait district in my blog so when Brunei Tourism Board invited me to check out Temburong – one of my mission was to check out what to eat when one visits Temburong. Besides enjoying all the outdoor activities of Temburong, one needs to savour the delicacies Temburong as well. So finally – after all these years – I can finally write about the Temburong Food Guide. *Note: I’m sure there are some more hidden gems of Temburong that I’ve missed in this post – so be sure to comment and I’ll make sure to include them in my next Temburong trip to update this post!*

1. Indigenous cuisine: Food cooked using bamboo over charcoal fire.

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We all got to try this style of cuisine in various places during our #gotemburong trip with different tour operators. *pic from @gzulyusof*


The fun part of having these cuisine is that you get to prepare them yourself as part of the activities in tours.


We cooked local vegetables such as wild fern pakis and daun ubi (potato leaves) with wild ginger using the bamboo, as well as the chicken (called Ayam Pansuh in Sarawak) as well as these beautiful salted duck eggs.


It was a very enjoyable meal for us ~~~ if you are on tours – make sure this is part of the package or you’re missing out!


Bon Appetit ~~ Itadakimasu ~~ Let’s Eat ~~ Makan Time!

2. A9 Cafe


Situated just opposite Temburong River, A9 cafe is quite a popular place for burgers and roti kuning but surprisingly – it is also a place for hot plate BBQ or Steamboat for the locals. I saw a family or two happily having sizzling bbq beef at the cafe.


I personally enjoyed the black pepper claypot rice ~~ which had a good spicy kick and the beef slices were tender ~~


A nice squeeze of lime on the Soto Hati Buyah and Bakso ~~ yum ~~


Nurol enjoying her puspa drink at A9 cafe.

3) Udang Galah Burger at DJYF Corner (Tamu Temburong)


I have to say ~~ one of the highlight of my Temburong trip was the famous Udang Galah Burger from DJYF Corner at the Tamu Temburong. This is a secret recipe – home made patties using meat from Udang Galah ~~ ooooh yeshhhh ~~~


Another secret of the Udang Galah Burger is this paste ~~ made from the heads (brains) of the Udang Galah ~~ OMG OMG OMG OMG~~ Power la! *pic from @gzulyusof*


To make it even better ~  add cheese and egg ~~ droooling ooozing gooodness! Delicious!

Note: They have recently moved to no 17, Spg 661/50/53 RPN Kampong Rataie Teres Baru, Temburong

Give them a call to make your orders. : 7120573

4. The Kuih Muih from the stall next to DJYF Corner (Tamu Temburong)


Seriously the penyaram from this stall is da bomb! The crisp outer circle of the penyaram and soft centre ~~~ they also have an assortment of other kuih muih which I saw a lot of people buy and takeaway ~~ do give this stall a try!

5. Kuih Wajid Jawa (Tamu Temburong)


When In Temburong, Buy Kuih Wajid – is always the saying whenever one is about to go to Temburong.


It’s a very delicious dessert made from glutinous rice and palm sugar but of course it takes technique to make these ~~ the good ones literally melts in your mouth! There’s even DURIAN flavours now!


Oooh gotta love the durian flavoured one! YUMMY!


Nurol having her first taste of Kuih Wajid Jawa from Temburong ~ thumbs up ~~

6. Cucur Cucur (Fried Fritters) (Tamu Temburong)


There’s two stalls here that sell cucur and they are both pretty good. Who can say no to cucur seriously?

7. Kedai Kampung Cube Store in Bangar


Who would had thought a cube store would be one of the most popular store in Bangar Temburong ~~ well to be fair ~~~ they are mushrooming all over Brunei ~~


You can shop for locally crafted bags as well as home made local food ~~~


Ooo ice cream potong ~~~


Assorted home made kuih ~~


Coconut Jelly ~~


What caught my eye was these nasi udang ~~~


Served with Ikan Bilis and Telur Masin ~~ yummm

7. Government Rest House (Restoran KPDT)


I was surprised that the only cafe looking place in Temburong is actually the Canteen of the Government Rest House in Temburong!


The food served here is your basic local cuisine ~~~


Cucur udang with coffee or tea ~~~~ they have juices here as well ~~


It is a comfortable place to have afternoon tea and chillax ~~

8. Stoneville Restaurant


Stoneville Hotel happens to be the only hotel in Bangar and they have pretty good facilities.


Pretty spacious room and this place is good if you want to have a good night’s comfortable sleep after all the Glamping or Camping ~~


DST actually has an office here ~ so you can pay your bills here if you want ~~ 


Salted Yolk Chicken


Thai Style Salted Yolk Squid – pretty good ~

The food has a strong Thai Oriental influence and I would say it’s pretty good. They have a separate menu for breakfast and dinner. Above is the dinner menu we tried out ~~


Pad Thai Stoneville ~~ the addition of fried wonton skins with sweet sauce is the unique version from StoneVille’s Pad Thai


Fish and Chips for breakfast ~~


Chicken Chop with Chips ~~ from the breakfast menu ~~

9. Kawan Restaurant


This restaurant/kopitiam has a long history in Bangar and even my dad recommends it as he used to work in Temburong before. This is a popular place amongst the locals


Tried out their kolomee special which has a mix of everything! Prawn, fish cakes, beef, chicken charsiew ~~ all the works ~~


I have to say the char kway teow and lau su fen is very good – my friend Aswadi in Temburong swears by them! Thumbs up!


Be sure to try their Rojak too! It’s unique with the addition of charkueh!


The Udang Galah Masak Merah is their signature dish as well ~~ so give it a try ~~~


Oh the ABC is good on a hot day or after all the strenous activities in Temburong!

Note that there are actually quite a lot of unique dishes in Temburong ~ such as the famous Cendol Temburong, Popiah Udang Galah, Nasi Katok Udang Galah and Nasi Upih but these are seasonal and you might need to order in advanced. This post is mostly for those readily available good eats.


While walking around Bangar ~~ don’t forget to appreciate the peaceful serenity of the town ~~


Oh and be sure to check out Mee Senukoh – one of the ONE VILLAGE ONE PRODUCT initiative in Brunei. Thanks Nurol for being my model for the whole trip ~~ do follow her Instagram on

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We tried out different tour packages with different tour operators in Temburong – to find out more about these packages, do drop by Brunei Tourism website here

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