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Brunei Restaurant: Yi Yuan Ting at Pondok Empat Laut

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The Brunei restaurant scene is really booming and it’s no surprise that more and more quality new restaurants are emerging in Brunei. I was really happy to hear that a chef who has won quite a number of awards in the cooking industry is actually introducing his unique recipes in Brunei.



Chef Sun with his medals from the international culinary scene. Impressive.



He has apprenticed under one of my favourite legendary chefs Martin Yan as well!


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You will be able to see one of his medals within the restaurant, which is located at Batu Bersurat’s Yi Yuan Ting Pondok Empat Laut. At the moment, the head chef at the restaurant has 25 years experience (worked in Australia, Singapore and Malaysia), trained and worked under Chef Sun for many years together. Chef Sun, himself will come from time to time to ensure quality is maintained while introducing new menus to Brunei.


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Yi Yuan Ting showcases quality Chinese Fine Dining dishes that you normally won’t see in typical Chinese restaurants. They have quite a comfortable Chinese Oriental d├ęcor – round tables for bigger groups and square tables for smaller groups.


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Diners who had eaten at Pondok Empat Laut last time – famous for their duck will remember the ambience but this time – the menu is very different and shows a lot of promise thanks to Chef Sun’s secret recipes. Now let’s take a look at some of their soft launching dishes. At the moment, they have not launched the full menu yet – but there’s quite a good selection to choose from.


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This is the Binchotan Charcoal Beancurd – dark delicious fried tofu – served with Chef Sun’s signature butter custard sauce ~~


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I’m loving the colour of the tofu ~~ and the texture is very nice ~~


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Of course – you must enjoy it with Chef Sun’s Signature Custard Butter Sauce ~~~ oooooh yeshhh!!


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Good to the last bite ~~ I must say ~~~


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We continue with more appetizers – these Golden Shrimp Rolls are really addictive!


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oooh la la ~~~


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More appetizers ~~ say hello to these breaded cheese stuffed squid balls ~~ love the texture of the bread crust ~~


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Got Cheese? Yes Please ~~~~~ melting goodness!


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We’re really getting carried away with the fried stuff ~~ but who can say no to these?! Crispy stuffed fish fillet, topped with mango salsa and ebiko ~~ mmmm ~~~ a good combination!


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Their Thai style Fish Head Curry is really good as well – Shinny (The Collective Arts) was enjoying this with me and absolutely loved this! The manager shares that this recipe is learned for the Royal Kitchens In Thailand. Seriously good stuff here ~~ now pass me some steamed rice to soak up the gorgeous curry sauce! Shinny says she could drink the curry on its own ~~ like a bowl of soup!!


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This is their salt braised chicken ~~~ has a good silky taste ~~ nom nom ~~


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Next is this very nice crispy fried eggplant – served with chicken floss and crispy ground shrimp flakes (if I am not mistaken) – which is very delicious. I dare say it’s one of the best deep fried eggplant dishes I’ve tasted – texture is seriously yum!


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Now this is the epic dish! The Sweet and Sour Chicken – served on ice with assorted diced fruits! What’s surprising is that the battered chicken and sauce stays crispy (special technique from using the ice) and goes very well with the fresh fruits! An eye opening dish that’s one of the signatures of Chef Sun!


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Last but not least is this heartwarming soupy rice dish ~~ it’s served with rice cooked two ways – stir fried and deep fried. The deep fried rice gives a puffy crispy texture to the hearty soupy dish – flavoured by top chicken broth, mushrooms and vegetables for the umami effect. I would love to have this every morning for breakfast please ~~

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A gorgeous contrast of textures, colour and packed with natural flavours! Spot on! Thumbs up!


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Currently Yi Yuan Ting Fine Dining Pondok Empat Laut Restaurant is still in it’s soft opening stage but it’s good to pop by and try out some of their signature dishes available! I seriously can’t wait to try more of the new menus ~~ and Chef Sun himself would come over to launch new dishes from time to time! The restaurant also has Brunei HALAL certification.

Chef Sun will be hosting cooking classes and cooking demonstrations for the Bruneian Public in future – so stay tuned.

Yi Yuan Ting Fine Dining Pondok Empat Laut Restaurant

Batu Bersurat

Monday to Thursday, Saturday: 11:00 am – 2:30 pm. 06:00pm  - 10:00pm

Friday: 6:00pm – 10:00 pm

Sunday and Public Holiday: 9:30 am – 3:00 pm, 06:00pm – 10:00pm.

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