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Marrybrown and Universal Studios collaborate for release of Jurassic World.

With a lot of anticipation surrounding the release of Jurassic Park’s upcoming sequel, Marrybrown is proud to announce its first collaboration with Universal Studio for the release of Jurassic World movie premiering 11th June in Brunei!


Watch the epic trailer of Jurassic World if you haven’t! Features Chris Pratt, the same hero of the Guardians of the Galaxy!

This fourth sequel to Jurassic Park takes audiences to 12 years after the first Jurassic Park movie, in which they abandoned the park at the end but this time, they managed to create a new and improved fully operational dinosaur theme park.The rides are packed and the park is thriving, and there are lots of dinosaur species but they want to create even scarier dinosaurs to attract more sponsors and audiences.



Photo from Say hello the the villain of Jurassic World ~~ The Indominus Rex!

In the Hammond Creation Lab, with state of the art genetic engineering facility, they created a hybrid dinosaur known as Indominus Rex which gives you chills down your spine yet marvel at how awesomely powerful this new dinosaur is! Move over T-rex ~~ this is the real deal!



“We are committed to create memories for families. Jurassic Park movie was a sensation back in 1990s and collaborating with Universal Studios to premiere Jurassic World this year allows us to share our consumers’ enthusiasm of dinosaurs. We’d like to reward our consumers with our awesome and unique Marrybrown’s Jurassic World collectibles,” says Dato’ Joshua Liew, Marrybrown’s CEO.


Watch the trailer of Jurassic World Marrybrown Commercial



Enhancing the Jurassic World enthusiasm, Marrybrown will be packed with all kinds of dino-collectibles up for grabs throughout the Jurassic World premiere. Marrybrown’s purchase-with-purchase promotion will run for 7 weeks starting 18th May. We are thrilled to promote our one-of-a-kind Jurassic World collectibles like Colour Changing Aluminium Tumblers, B$4.90; Green Tumbler (18th May – 24th May); Red Tumbler (25th May – 31st May); Blue Tumbler (1st June – 7th June), Jurassic World Soft Pillows, B$6.90; T-Rex Pillow (8th June – 14th June); Jurassic World Pillow (15th June – 21st June) and Jurassic World Kid’s Watches,B$2.90; Orange or Yellow Watch (22nd June – 28th June) and Green or Pink Watch (29th June – 5th July).



Have you collected these bad boys yet? My two nieces loved them very much especially when they change colour!



There will be a total of 9 collectibles and with a minimum purchase of B$5 from our Marrybrown menu, you can grab each collectible at its promo price while stocks last at Marrybrown!



Mmmm ~~ this delicious Nasi Lemak Marrybrown should be enough for me to buy that nice Jurrasic World Merchandise at promo prices!



Gotta love their Fish burger ~~ with their in house special tartare sauce ~~ really yummy!



For your info, Marrybrown is located just opposite the Mall main entrance and they actually have quite a cosy welcoming ambience. They also have 1st floor with a kids section!



Fancy sitting on the swing while eating? Hee hee ~ go up to the 1st floor and bring your kids!



Looks really fun to sit around with friends and family while enjoying a good meal at Marrybrown ~~



On Wednesday night, members of the press, along with lucky winners from the public who participated in Marrybrown competitions got together to enjoy a screening of Jurassic World! Needless to say – the movie was adrenaline charged and action packed till the end!


Enter the world of Dinosaurs, experience the thrill and excitement ~~ enjoy the food at Marrybrown and grab their Jurassic World Themed Exclusive Merchandise from Marrybrown! Do you want a T-Rex Pillow? I’m sure you do!



One of my favourite scenes in the movie!

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