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Best Japanese Restaurants in Bangkok

Let’s face it ~ we love sushi and we love Japanese food. Even when we travel to Bangkok, it’s actually quite a common thing to look out for a good Japanese restaurant to have sushi! Bangkok is popular for their Japanese Sushi Buffets for those who love to have value for money pigging out of Japanese food. Such popular Japanese buffets are Takumi, Kuroda, Grand Fuji and Oishi Grand but this post is not about Japanese buffets.


This post is about where to get the best quality Japanese food in Bangkok! With about hundreds of Japanese restaurants and more opening soon ~~ you are bound to be confused which restaurants to check it out. I’ve tried quite a few in Bangkok and these restaurants get my vote for best Japanese restaurants in Bangkok.



DSCF4897 (Medium)

Honmono means genuine or the real thing in Japanese and with Honmono restaurant, you can be sure you are going to have a delicious Japanese dining experience. The fresh seafood is flown from Tsukiji Fish Market to ensure only the freshest ingredients are served to you!


DSCF4898 (Medium)

They have quite a few branches (the easiest at Siam Paragon) but I feel you should make the effort to go to their original branch in Thong Lor, Note that it can be confusing when trying to locate the place using google map as Honmono has moved before. You know you are correct when you see the location that is near Samitivej Hospital Bangkok.The prices are not cheap here but you can get pretty good value for money if you come during lunch for their lunch specials while also getting some discounts if you pay by cash or by Citibank card (not sure if the international one works but do ask before you order your food)


DSCF4900 (Medium)

You get serve these yummy tidbits while you wait for your food ~~


DSCF4904 (Medium)

One way to tell if the sushi is going to be good? The quality of their wasabi ~~ freshly grated ~~ I can eat this on it’s own!


DSCF4906 (Medium)DSCF4914 (Medium)

Foie Gras sushi anyone? Hmmmm ~~~ sooo goood ~~ I know it’s not authentic Japanese sushi but who can resist this French-Japanese sushi? There’s quite a lot of sashimi to try on the menu but look out for specials of the day. If money is no option – then you will have a very good time here! Quality is very very good!


DSCF4930 (Medium)

Sushi rolls are generally more economical when dining while ordering sashimis tend to be more expensive.


DSCF4920 (Medium)

Ahhhh! Matsusaka beef! A rival to the famous Kobe beef! The beef comes from Kuroge Washu or "Japanese Black", the cattle come from the Matsusaka region! Note that I can only afford the rolls and not a delicious slab of Matsusaka steak!


DSCF4932 (Medium)

Would you look at that FAT! At times like these, I wish I’ve invested in a macro lens so I can show the beauty of the fat ratio! Seriously one of the best beef I’ve tasted! To be honest – after tasting these small slices, I actually thought about coming back here again for some good seared Matsusasak steak!


DSCF4934 (Medium)

Oh did I mention that the Japanese melon is one of the most delicious fruits I’ve ever tasted?! I wish I have some gorgeous soft brie cheeses to pair with this but I think the Japanese chef give me the evil eye! LOL


Honmono Sushi (Thong Lor Branch)

19 Thonglor Soi 23,

Near Samitivej Hospital Bangkok

Call: 02-185-1447

Take BTS to BTS Thonglor and walk there (or take a cab from the BTS Station)



Sushi Kanda

DSCF4505 (Medium)

If you want to have a very authentic Japanese dining experience, look no further than Sushi Kanda! Chef Takahiro Hato is a passionate chef who wants to bring Edomae sushi to Thailand. Chef personally flies to Japan regularly to source out the freshest and rarest seafood!


DSCF4520 (Medium)

Don’t worry if you don’t speak Thai or Japanese as their waitresses are very good in translating or help you communicate with the chefs. who can speak some English.


DSCF4565 (Medium)DSCF4572 (Medium)

A sneak peek at some of the fresh seafood ~~ oooh yum ~~


DSCF4573 (Medium)

You can’t get any fresher wasabi than that ~~~ mmmmmmmm ~~


DSCF4522 (Medium)

If you’ve watched the documentary on Jiro, one of the most famous sushi chef in the world, you will know about the difficulty of making this version Tamagoyaki, grilled egg ~~ '


DSCF4506 (Medium)

The prices are of course, not cheap but pretty good value for money if you want to try out Edomae style sushi. The good news is that they have a 1000 baht lunch special which allows you to enjoy a good meal though if you can afford it – go for their Omakase sets which cost 3000 or 5000 baht and you let the chef prepare for you ~


DSCF4509 (Medium)

You begin with a nice slice of creamy Japanese tofu ~~ really good!


DSCF4512 (Medium)DSCF4513 (Medium)

The chef will slowly put the sushi slice by slice on you’re a piece of leaf, you are encourage to eat them as they put them on but for the purposes of shooting food photos, I waited for everything to arrive before I eat them. You are also encourage to have them in one bite ~~ and not to share as it would spoil the tasting experience! Oooh would you look at those quality tuna belly ~~~ Toro ~~~ Toro ~~


DSCF4526 (Medium)DSCF4518 (Medium)

On the left is a pretty delicious shellfish that’s really good in terms of texture and taste!


DSCF4515 (Medium)

You get these lovely Ikura (Salmon Roe) in the middle of your course ~ good quality ones – not like the really salty ones you get in budget Sushi restaurants.


DSCF4528 (Medium)

The sushi selection from the lunch set. Note that selections will change depending on the fresh seafood available at the time ~~


DSCF4539 (Medium)

One of the interesting fish of my course is this slice of sashimi that the chef is showing me ~~ when I saw what it looked like on their Ipad ~~ I was intrigue ~~


DSCF4538 (Medium)

Hello there ~~ I never thought I’ll get to try this in my life ~~ I’ll be sure to come back here to try out more ~~


DSCF4558 (Medium)

We couldn’t resist ordering extras from the menu as the chef showed us his ‘special’ premium Hokkaido uni~~ which was double the price of the normal Hokkaido uni at 300 baht. Nevertheless, despite our limited budget, we went for the special uni and was amazed by it’s natural sweetness and taste! DOUBLE THUMBS UP WITH NO REGRETS!! #OISHI #LOVELOVEUNI


DSCF4562 (Medium)

Hey there – I just met you and this is crazy ~~ but I think I’m in love with you ~~ but sadly ~~ I can’t afford to eat you this often ~~ *sobs sobs*


DSCF4575 (Medium)

Oh at the end of your meal, you get to have their special soy tiramisu which was really smooth and oishii as well ~~ ahhh ~~ what a sweet ending!


DSCF4571 (Medium)

Their head chefs are really tall – I’m nearly 180cm and they are way taller than me!


Sushi Kanda

2nd Fl., No.88 Thonglor Soi 9

Take BTS to BTS Thong Lo then walk or take taxi from station

Call: 02-712-6639

Opens 11:30am-1:30pm, 5:30-11pm;

Close on Tuesdays




DSCF4322 (Medium)

Usually when a Japanese restaurant does fusion cuisine or fancy rolls to caters to the tastes of non-Japanese diners, you would expect sub-par quality food but that’s not the case with Isao. Located near the new EM Quartier, this would be a very good choice to have lunch or dinner but mind you – the place WILL be packed and it’s advisable to go earlier before peak hours – or face having to wait for a seat!


DSCF4323 (Medium)

The place isn’t very big and not spacious at all – but you will find many willing diners to squeeze with you. I managed to get a seat at the bar, where I can watch the chefs in action.


DSCF4324 (Medium)

One of the most popular sushi rolls is Jackie, which is a bit like a caterpillar, very cute and I tell you – is very very delicious.


DSCF4329 (Medium)

If you notice the slice I took out ~ you will notice that unlike typical sushi rolls – which have too much rice and very little ingredients – Jackie rolls is the opposite – having little rice but loaded with lots of yummy ingredients! Worth every baht of 350 baht!


DSCF4330 (Medium)

Freshly grated wasabi as usual in a quality Japanese restaurant ~~


DSCF4332 (Medium)

For other yummy rolls – go for their Dragon Roll or their Sushi sandwiches


DSCF4338 (Medium)

Make sure to check out their scallop volcano as well~~ seriously yum!


DSCF4347 (Medium)

Sashimi here is fresh and worth the money too.



5 Sukhumvit Soi 31

Take BTS to BTS Phrom Phong, then walk to Soi 31

Call: 02-258-0645

Opening hours: 1am-2:15pm, 5:30-10pm daily



Special Mention: Bankara Ramen

DSCF4377 (Medium)

Most of the locals would nominate Bankara Ramen as the go to place for ramen in Bangkok. They have a branch at Siam Paragon as well but it’s definitely more fun to hunt for the original branch which is located at Sukhumvit Soi 39.


DSCF4381 (Medium)

I have to say I went all out and ordered one with thinly sliced Japanese Charsiu and a large slab of pork belly with onsen eggs ~~ no regrets at all ~~ a really sinful indulging moment indeed.

Note: if you are not into greasy rich stocks like these – you would not enjoy this as much as I do. I also prefer other ramens I’ve tried in other countries so I would not classify this as the best ramen I’ve tasted but it’s currently the best in Bangkok.


Bankara Ramen

The Manor, 32/1 Sukhumvit Soi 39

Take BTS to BTS Phrom Phong, then walk or take a taxi. (could be quite challenging to find)

Call: 02-622-5162/3

Opens 11am – 11pm daily



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