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Charcoal BBQ and Grill Specials: Surf and Turf



Charcoal BBQ and Grill has always introduced specials from time to time and this time they decided to bring one of the favourites of steak houses and western restaurants: The Surf and Turf! What is Surf and Turf? Well – basically it’s a combination of proteins from land and sea in one dish ~~ let’s take a look at the four special surf and turf that Charcoal chefs have specially created for us ~~ while waiting for the food – enjoy the Charcoal Signature Chips first ~ nom nom ~~



First on the list is the Middle Eastern style Surf and Turf.



A combination of beef and scallops marinated with Middle Eastern influenced spices, and skewered together with black-green olives, cherry tomatoes and raita cucumbers.



The side dishes includes a gorgeous cheese baked eggplants, Asparagus and Pita bread to enjoy with! God I love the cheesy side dish!



Next on the list is influenced by our neighbours Thailand. Here we have beef oyster blade, with prawns marinated with Thai herbs and spices, and dressed with a Thai BBQ Sauce. The sides are fresh cucumber salad and hearty pumpkin mash!



Next is the mother of all surf and turf – the American Classic – Tenderloin and Prawns with cajun seasoning.



Who can say no to a juicy tender piece of steak, with some grilled prawns on the side?! To make things better – there’s mashed peas, sweet potato fries and a bernaise sauce ~~ w00 h00!



Last but not least is the Bruneian inspired surf and turf. Can you believe  in a combination of Squid and Lamb? I guess only in Brunei will we see this cool combination of Surf and Turf but hey ~ it works ~~ who doesn’t like Lamb or Squid? Why not combine them together?!



The marination and the sauce of this dish is so secretive that when the chefs make the sauce, they locked the kitchen door! They wouldn’t even tell me what’s the sauce! They just say it’s a Bruneian inspired sauce! It just works very well with the Lamb! My friends Marul, Reedah and Aziz throughly enjoyed them too!



Besides their Surf and Turf specials,  don’t forget to check out Charcoal’s Monthly specials: Check out that herb crusted tender lamb loin! *drools*



Last but not least ~~ let’s have some dessert at Charcoal ~~ oooooh how can one say no to Haagen Dazs?!



There’s ALWAYS room for more Haagen Dazs!

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