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Brunei Food Events: Sorisso invites guest chef from Italy

It is no secret that I like the Italian food at Brunei’s famous Italian restaurant Sorisso and I just realized that it is their Fourth Year Anniversary this 18th August! Congratulations Chef Salvo for this achievement!


For this special occasion, Chef Salvo has invited a dear friend all over from Italy as a guest chef in his restaurant in Brunei.

Chef Claudio Cucchiarelli is a widely travelled Italian chef who has been cooking up authentic Italian food for the past 40 years for Hilton Hotel in Algiers, Conrad Hotel in Cairo, Hilton Hotel in Seoul, Sunway Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Hotel Borobudur in Jakarta and Kempinski Hotel in Dubai and Bankso, Bulgaria. He hopes to deliver the flavour of Italy to the diners of Brunei. The Symphony of Italian Regions



Members of the media and bloggers were invited to taste some of Chef Claudio Cucchiarelli’s Italian recipes on 16th April Thursday night. Diners will be able to check out his cooking from 18th April until 3rd May at Sorisso restaurant in Regent Square Kiulap.



Chef Salvo, the owner of the restaurant, explaining the dishes together with Chef Claudio Cucchiarelli to members of the media.


Our appetizers were gorgeously seared scallops, served with caviar, and italian style legumes, with a side of salad. A good light start to the meal.



Our soup packs quite a punch. This is Tuscany style crab soup with fish quenelles, like a fish dumpling.



Italians like to have pasta before the mains and here’s their home made pasta with a simple fresh tasting Genovese Pesto served with lobster ragout.



This is my favourite dish of the night – the Mediterranean style pan fried cod served on a bed of Venetian styled smoked vegetables. I like the crispy skin of the cod and the slightly creamy flesh, which goes well with the smokiness of the vegetables. Thumbs up!



The other main is this gorgonzola blue cheese stuffed rack of lamb, served with grilled asparagus, red beetroot mash (which is quite nice and something new to me) with sweet and sour almond cream as a sauce on the side.



Alin trying to be Wolverine ~ always playful with his food ~~



Our dessert was a home made mixed nuts parfait, served with a mixed berries coulis to balance the creamy dessert.


To have a taste of Guest Chef Claudio Cucchiarelli recipes, check out Sorisso from 18th April till 3rd May in Regent Square. Do give them a call to check whether seats are available!


Sorisso Restaurant and Pizzaria

Regent Square, #14/15 Block B Grd Floor, Kampong Kiarong (Kiulap)

Tel: 2233030

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