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Brunei Restaurant Review: Ah Tong Fish Soup Bee Hoon


KK has always been famous for their delicious fish soup bee hoon, especially when they have fresh seafood readily available. The boss managed to convince one of the famous fish head bee hoon restaurant in KK to supply them with their ingredients and learned how to cook this delicious soup. Very good news for Bruneians, who used to frequent KK for this delicacy!



Ah Tong Fish Soup Bee Hoon originally opened at Teazone in Kiulap  for around 20 days. Due to some disagreements, Ah Tong decided to set up stall somewhere else and found TK Restaurant which is just next to the shell station in Gadong Central.  Meanwhile, Teazone’s management realized the potential of the fish soup bee hoon business and decided to contact the same stall in KK and bring in on their own. Thus when it comes to the Fish Soup Bee Hoon business, there are two restaurants in Brunei – despite having similar ingredients, they are both slightly different in terms of choices and flavour.



For me, the soup is the biggest difference of the two – while I prefer the original Ah Tong flavours, some actually preferred Tea Zone’s stronger flavours. To me, I felt the soup at Tea Zone might appeal to some due to it’s higher chicken powder or MSG content. I personally prefer Ah Tong’s as I won’t feel so thirsty throughout the day due to less MSG. At Ah Tong’s you can request not to add milk to your soup if you prefer a cleaner less creamy taste. The big reason I prefer Ah Tong’s is more varieties in terms of choice and it’s actually more value for money in terms of fresh seafood and price.



The deep fried fish slices soup noodle at Ah Tong’s. They have this at Teazone too and I have to say both are good in the fried fish slices category. You should give both a try and see which one you prefer.



If you’re a fan of fried pompret, then you will love this double pompret combo at Ah Tong’s. You can order just one pompret but hey ~~ more is better ~~ #fishprotein #moreISbetter



Pompret not your cup of tea? Then how about mackerel cutlets like this one ~~ Oooooooh yessss! That’s easier to eat for those who are not good at eating whole fish. Woo hoo!



Occasionally they have fried salmon too, but I’ve always preferred salmon sashimi over cooked salmon so this is not my cup of tea. I think for those who love pan fried salmon, this might be the one for you.



This is one of my favourite because I love eating prawns and I like how they managed to fry the prawns till quite crispy and I can just eat the shells for added crunch (and calcium for my bones). Seriously good stuff!


DSCF7440 (Medium)

Now for those who really enjoy fresh fish, this is what you should order. Fresh fish slices bee hoon soup – without the milk. I truly appreciate the freshness of the fish and this in my opinion is a true fish lover’s meal. You can still add milk to your soup if you like – this is just my suggestion to fully enjoy the fish.


DSCF7442 (Medium)

My parents really enjoyed the fresh fish bee hoon soup. You should bring your parents to try this out too ~ a good excuse to spend quality time with them.



Now this is something really awesome – fish head bee hoon soup – I know some friends who love fish head and claimed the best part of the fish are from the cheeks of the fish head. A must try if you are always the one gunning for the fish head flesh while others aim for the belly ~~


DSCF7455 (Medium)

Last but not least is the ultimate one of them all – I give you – the UDANG GALA fish soup bee hoon. Here you got one Udang Gala escorted by his minions; fried prawns. Deep fried till just right – you enjoy by sipping the juices from the head, then enjoy the fleshy buncy meat of the udang gala, and then there’s the minions ~~ *slurps* #prawnNirvana #prawnheaven #prawngasm (the best part? pretty reasonable price!). I don’t think this is even available in KK!



Quite a lot of choices at Ah Tong’s and they are always introducing new dishes – I think recently they added squid and also crabs to their menu so do check them out. Very reasonable prices as you can see.



Ah Tong Fish Soup Bee Hoon is currently available in three places (it has expanded due to it’s popularity) – It is available in both TK Gadong Central and the TK in Gadong (facing the riverside and same row as Cafe De Paris) – in both TKs – Ah Tong will serve it’s yummy fish noodle soup from 8am till 5pm daily.



I’m sure most would remember this TK branch located in Gadong  at Bangunan Hj Tahir facing the Menglait River – Simply drive past Thien Thien restaurant block and then turn in the back then turn left towards the Cafe De Paris block – you will see this branch at the end of the block.



The good news for those who want to have Fish Soup Bee Hoon for dinner and supper is that Ah Tong’s recently opened a new stall at the TK Steak House located at Gadong Properties Food Court from 5:45 pm till 10 pm – you can bring your family here to have a wholesome fish soup dinner!


Ah Tong Fish Meat/Head Bee Hoon Shop

TK Gadong Central and TK Gadong: 8am till 5pm

TK Gadong Properties Food Court 5:45 pm till 10 pm

For Enquiries: Sam(7186322) Victor (7186323)

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