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Brunei Restaurant Review: Stars & Stripes Buffet by Tasek Brasserie Radisson Hotel


You gotta be excited  about the Stars and Stripes American Themed Buffet at Tasek Brasserie. It was indeed a pleasure to be invited as part of the media to check out this anticipated buffet and I was quite impressed with the spread and decor they’ve put up! That ‘Star’ entrance looks like a good place to take a selfie ~~



Even the staff were dressed up for the occasion and you gotta love those cowboy hats!



Stars and Stripes American Themed decor ~~



You’ll also notice a Statue of Liberty poster at the desserts section – coincidentally right next to the New York Cheesecake.



The colours of the US Flag – Blue Red and White ~~



Now let’s move on to the food! The food will rotate around different American inspired dishes and these are the ones that are served on the first night! They have plenty of choices for their salads ~~ and  a lot of different condiments and dressing to customize your own salads too!



This gigantic goodness appetizer display caught my attention ~~ ooooo would you look at those salmon! It’s actually two dishes on this display – on top is the Boston Shrimp Cocktail, lightly cooked shrimp with a dressing and salad leaves, and those yummy looking salmon are actually marinated beetroot salmon ~~ mmmmm ~~ Forgive me salads ~~ I’m loading my first appetizer plate with these first!! #cheatday



Man these look good too! Crab salad in a romanine lettuce cup ~~ mmmm *takes some*



These bite sized cherry tomatoes and basil leave tarts are so tempting too ~~~ *pops one into mouth* Oooo yes!



I have to admit – I quite like grilled vegetables nowadays so seeing grilled zucchinis are a good sight!



These bite sized snacks and shooters are part of the yummy appetizers too ~~ mmm so much choice!



Of course – some like to have their cheeses as appetizers or add them to your custom made salads ~~ for Marul, another Bruneian Foodie, he took the blue cheese and added them to his burgers! Smart move!



I mustn’t forget the two soups for the day is the iconic CLAM CHOWDER!! OOOH YESS!! They also serve roasted tomato and basil soup ~~



Plenty of buns to go with the soups ~~ mmmm ~~ or to dip the other saucy stews



Jambalaya, a Louisiana Creole dish of Spanish and French influence. was created in Louisiana and has its origins in Spanish paella. Unlike the paella which many are more familiar with, this dish is slightly creamier and does not have the crispy crust. It’s good to see Jambalaya with chicken and beef sausages in the buffet spread!



Yes – one simply must not miss out New York style thin crust pizzas in an American themed buffet ~~ *nom nom* You gotta love crispy thin crust pizzas ~~



Agnolotti Pasta with roasted pumpkin ~~ a roasted and mashed pumpkin filling wrapped with thin pasta and smothered with a delicious tomato sauce.



Another unique American dish would be this Chicken and Prawn Gumbo! Another dish originated from southern Louisiana. A hearty dish with a thick sauce and usually seafood based! Oooh yum ~~ eat this with the Jambalaya ~~~



Another popular American dish is San Francisco based seafood stew; the Seafood Cioppino, an Italian-American dish. This would go very well with the toasted bread at the buffet ~~ *dips bread and nom nom*



Meatballs swimming in a spicy tomato sauce ~~~ simple comfort food ~~



Speaking of comfort food – what could be more comforting than burritos and crispy fried chicken steak ~~~ *grabs grabs and puts on plate*



They have grilled Buffalo Wings with Cayenne Pepper Seasoning too ~~ mmm ~~~



I’m not normally a fan of potatoes but I know a lot of people who enjoy jacket potatoes with sour cream like these!



A buffet would not be complete without a live cooking station and they have hot dogs, burgers and nachos!



Mmmm ~~~ yes I’ll have all three types please ~~



That seriously would make a yummy nacho! *drools*



My yummy live station lineup ~~~ and yes – you can customize by adding your own sauces from quite a selection at their counter ~



Ahhh ~~ so many ways of flavouring my burgers and hot dogs ~~~ or you can grab some cheese from the appetizers corner like Marul did!



Now on to more good stuff! This is the cajun fish that is served with a yoghurt sauce on the side ~~



Now how can you say no to these fatty looking flavoursome beef briskets stewed with honey carrots? *breathes heavily*



Brace yourselves meat lovers ~~ how can an American themed buffet be complete ~~ without smoked BBQ RIBS!!!!!! OMG! ATTACK!!!!!! Tender off the bone smoky goodness!! NOM NOM NOM NOM!



Wait – there’s more ribs?! Lamb Spare Ribs with a balsamic sauce ~~ OH MY RIBS! SHUT UP AND COME TO MY PLATE NOW!!!!



By this time – I was pretty stuffed ~~~ and was about to go for some more Jambalaya and Gumbo but I realized .. I HAVEN’T nom nom desserts yet!!!!



Lemon Cream Torte (oh yum!) on the left and Blueberry Crumble  Cake on the right ~~~



The New York Cheesecake that was sitting right next to the Statue of Liberty poster ~~~ wonder if it’s done on purpose ~~ I see what you did there ~~



The MangoMisu ~~ sorta like a tiramisu but more on the mango side of the tiramisu family ~~



Anyone for some good old fashioned chocolate cake with chocolate ganache~~?



Oh my! Another American style dessert ~~ the peach cobbler not only looks classy ~~ it’s actually pretty good especially with the blueberries ~~ a good contrast of textures and flavours.



Lemon Curd tarts ~~ in bite sizes ~~~ *swoons*



American Apple Pie ~~ don’t let it’s rustic look fool you ~~ it’s pretty good and I have it with some scoops of vanilla ice cream!



Don’t forget to grab some ice cream from the counter opposite the appetizers section ~~ they will go so well with some of the other desserts ~~ or even just on it’s own ~~



Ahhh the Radisson Hotel’s famous bread pudding using croissants ~~ they are always good with ice cream – and a regular feature of Tasek Brasserie buffets ~~



Now – here’s something we don’t see everyday ~~ the classic American favourite Pecan Pie! One of my favourite pies to eat! *om nom nom nom*



So that concludes my yummy in my tummy Stars & Stripes American Themed buffet ~~~ besides pleasing your tummies – there’s also a chance to win prizes such as these if you have the buffet ~~ mmm ~ that Samsun Galaxy Camera will be very useful for a foodie ~~



The Stars & Stripes buffet is priced at $35 per person and $17.50 for kids aged 4 – 11 years old. If you’re a Baiduri Card Holder – be sure to pay using your cards as you are entitled to a 25% discount! OMG WHAT A BARGAIN! *SHUT UP AND SWIPE MY BAIDURI CARD PLEASE!* If you don’t have a Baiduri card – it’s time to ask your family or friends who has one to join you for dinner ~~~ #FriendsWithBenefits HAHAHA!



This promotion will only run for two weeks from 27th Oct till 9th November so I seriously advise you to call and reserve your seats before it’s too late – and you can only then drool at yummy photos of the American food posted by your family and friends on Instagram and Facebook ~~ Oh noooo!!!

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