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Events: Tune Hotels KLIA2 #RoomerHasIt Pyjamas Party!

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*Photo by Air Asia*

When I was first invited for AirAsia’s Taylor Swift RedHot Party, I had one concern – my flight on Sunday is at 6:45am in the morning. That really gave me quite a lot to worry about since it’s advisable to be at the airport 3 hours before departure! I had a few options to consider – did a lot of research and these were the options I have!

1) Take a cab from the city and pay rm130 – 150 at least since it’s way past midnight – or I might not be able to hail a cab at that hour!

2) Take the earliest bus from KL Sentral at 3am in the morning – it’s not expensive but I still need to find a cab or someone to send me to KL Sentral – plus I might arrive too late in KLIA2 for checkin – what if the bus is late? What if this and that ~~~ *headache la*

Option 3 never crossed my mind until I receive this invite in the mail.


Take a rm8 bus from KL sentral to KLIA2 and stay overnight in Tune Hotel for a hassle worry free night! I must really thank Tune Hotels for inviting me and this immediately became the best option! The best part – a free night’s stay at the newly opened Tune Hotels KLIA2 – I recently wrote a blog post about how convenient it is to stay at Tune Hotels KLIA2 and how to actually get to your baggage drop counter from Tune Hotel KLIA2 the fastest way ~~ You should check this out!



*Photo from Tune Hotels*

I’m a regular customer of Tune Hotels – having stayed in KL, Penang, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu, Hat Yai, Malate and Makati in Manila branches. Affordable, comfortable and safe accommodation for the budget traveller like me. Tune Hotels KLIA2 branch does look stunning not only from the outside --



*Photo from Tune Hotels*

The lounge is pretty fancy as well – while you’re waiting to check in or checking out ~ a good place to hang around with your ipad or laptops. The best part? You can check in to Air Asia flights and print your boarding pass at this very lounge!



*Photo from Tune Hotels*

This is indeed the fanciest Tune Hotel I had stayed in. It’s a great pleasure to be one of the earliest people in the world to be staying in this newly opened hotel. Thanks Tune Hotels for the invite!


DSCF9833 (Medium)

This is my room with double bed – I love the beds and pillows they provide – despite the affordable prices – the beds they used are very good quality and gives you a very good sleep. For more pictures and reviews of the hotel room click here


DSCF9841 (Medium)

I checked in early so I had a good chance to peer through my window and saw the setup for the Pyjamas party – lot’s of bean bags for us to chill and get cosy cosy ~


DSCF9846 (Medium)

Caught a glimpse of YouTube Sensation Elizabeth Tan rehearsing ~~ very good voice! Yup – that’s how early I arrived!


DSCF9848 (Medium)

They have a selfie corner for us vain bloggers and naturally – I can’t resist and be one of the first to take a picture ~~ w000t! So much props!


DSCF9850 (Medium)

Yes – thank god there’s NO WORK tomorrow ~~ a reason for me to laugh like that ~~~ *glooms – Monday is coming – must celebrate kow kow tonight!! ROAR!!!! ARE THOSE YOUR PYJAMAS THANIS?! Yes – I can imagine you laughing now – – look more like massage parlour boy ~~


DSCF9852 (Medium)

I wished I brought my dolls for the party – I had a Long Kee Bah Kua doll that’s really cute but would play the Long Kee Bah Kuat Song when pressed ~~ (would annoy the hell out of everyone)


DSCF9853 (Medium)

Now that’s an adorable look – ready to go to bed!


DSCF9854 (Medium)

A fun part of the party is that they have a special printer – when you hashtag #roomerHasIt in your instagram – they will print it out for you!


DSCF9895 (Medium)

w000t! Score!! Free photos!! Let’s HASHTAG ALL THE PICS with #roomerhasit!!


DSCF0009 (Medium)

Looking back – I wish I hashtag more pictures – only did three – was too busy taking pics and networking throughout the party ~~


DSCF9857 (Medium)

Ahhhh they’re so cute with their dolls! Yukiko, Calista and Ana!


DSCF9860 (Medium)

Anna lagi more epic with her doll --- that’s a big one!


DSCF9866 (Medium)

Bloggers being our usual selves – selfies selfies selfies ~~ Spotted Malaysian Bloggers Mohd Faizal from Geng Lepak , Khairul from Budak Pacak , Fauzi Aryaan and Mr Mawardi Yunus!


DSCF9891 (Medium)

Man – I need one of those Go-Pros to help me take more selfies ~~ Malaysian Bloggers with Jocelyn who emailed and coordinated the Tune Hotel Invite to me. Thanks for inviting me Jocelyn – hope to see you more in future launches!



*photo by Tune Hotels* Yukiko shows her super skills of selfies ~~


DSCF9868 (Medium)

Me – trying to take a selfie while lying down on the comfy bean bags with Daphne photobombing me from behind ~ only realized it when I looked at my camera ~~ so sneaky ahhh!! HAHAHA


DSCF9864 (Medium)

To match the theme of Pyjamas party – Anna, Evelyn and Dapne decided to do this pose ~~ hahahaha CUTE MUCH!



The second performance of the night by Elizabeth Tan really caught my attention – beautiful voice!


DSCF9914 (Medium)

The fan in me simply must take a picture with her after that stunning performance ~



Melissa Indot – also gave a very lively powerful performance – but I didn’t get a chance to take a pic with her ~~ awww ~~


DSCF9944 (Medium)

I got to meet Dj Faith whose the one spinning the music for the night – considering we didn’t have any alcohol – the music was good enough to keep us dancing!


DSCF9858 (Medium)DSCF9873 (Medium)

One of the fun things at the party is the life sized Tune Hotels Jenga blocks – I was very mean and want to bully Calista – but she definitely proved me wrong – this is a pic of her successfully playing one block – despite her miniature-ness ~ HAHAHAHAH

DSCF9949 (Medium)

Eh Calista ~~ What you doing ~~ we’re taking WEFIES la ~~ Y u macam wanna hantam me one ~~ just because I made fun of you with the Jenga Blocks!


DSCF9881 (Medium)DSCF9904 (Medium)

Caroline and some other bloggers kept playing the whole night – the Jenga grew in size  ~~


DSCF9907 (Medium)DSCF9908 (Medium)

Still hasn’t toppled yet as the night went by ~~ the skills of the bloggers and media = PRO! Caroline posing again with the taller towering Jenga ~~


DSCF9958 (Medium)DSCF9964 (Medium)

Towards the end of the night – it has became a TOWER! It’s so much more taller than me!


DSCF9966 (Medium)DSCF9967 (Medium)

At the end of the night – it has finally reach it’s limit ~~ and down it fall loud and hard!!


DSCF9970 (Medium)

Calista could not resist but take a picture with the fallen Jenga blocks – never to reach it’s former towering glory that night ~


DSCF9941 (Medium)

Be reminded how glorious these jenga blocks were dear Calista ~~ bwahhahaha ~~


DSCF9911 (Medium)DSCF9945 (Medium)

DSCF9916 (Medium)DSCF9952 (Medium)DSCF9913 (Medium)DSCF9950 (Medium)

The Trip Advisor Owl Mascot was there the whole night and the crowd simply couldn’t resist him! I felt like giving him a big big hug ~~ and of course – take a selfie! Anna’s hands looks as if it’s Mr Fantastic stretching long long to take selfie ~~


DSCF9894 (Medium)

Being a party consisting a lot of bloggers and members of media – you will notice one thing – take a look at this picture ~~


DSCF9893 (Medium)

Also this picture --- notice it? Most of us are busy either instagramming photos or checking our phones!


DSCF9896 (Medium)

I walked up to Yukiko and told her – eh I see your Auntie ~~~ and she went “where where?” and I replied “ANTI – SOCIAL” – cos she was busy looking at her phone ~~ yeah LAME I Know ~~


DSCF9910 (Medium)

Jingy being her hyper cute self ~~~ spotted me and posed for the camera ~~


DSCF9903 (Medium)

Blogger Cutebun and her cousin ~~ sooo pink!! Oinks!


DSCF9888 (Medium)

Evelyn – looking like pao chu puo (landlady) – checking whether ppl pay their rent or not while eating nasi lemak! Epic la!


DSCF9920 (Medium)

Me, Daphne and Evelyn ~~


DSCF9923 (Medium)

Group picha picha ~~ showing our Pyjamas stylo mylo ~~ me standing next to famous Comic Blogger Jian Goh –- Shannon, EvelynJingy, Christopher Tock, Jess, Kimoko and Amelia also in the pic ~~


DSCF9979 (Medium)

Another comic blogger I met was Kendrick Kun ~~ his drawings are very cute and he’s so creative – any piece of paper, napkin, cup or even a packet of sugar – he can also doodle on ~~


DSCF0003 (Medium)

Check out his artwork while we were having coffee ~ so cute la ~~


DSCF9947 (Medium)



DSCF9925 (Medium)

The – “This is my house” pose ~~~ Shannon, Evelyn and Daphne


DSCF9928 (Medium)

Super cute!!! OMG!!! Chee Chingy GOJIRA and Ryan *kangaroo?* hahaha ~~


DSCF9934 (Medium)

Attack the cute GOJIRAA~~~~~~~~~


DSCF9890 (Medium)

While I was too busy jumping around taking pictures – I met two bloggers from Taiwan that I didn’t really get to chat with but they’re very good travel blog writers from Taiwan – Check out Travel with Rita on Facebook! It’s in Chinese language though!



*Photo from Tune Hotels*
I had the pleasure to meet and speak briefly with Nicole Travel Bug from Australia but didn’t get to talk with Morgan Garcera and Juanderful Pinoy (not in this photo) from the Philippines. Would love to sit down and chat with them more if I have the chance!



Instagram travel senstations @explorerjonpro and Melissa Koh @melissackoh were also celebrity guests at the event.

DSCF9976 (Medium)

I only got to meet Jon when one of my readers pointed out to me in my instagram updates that he’s a famous instagram celebrity – I was about to tell her I didn’t see him while I was exiting the lift – and as fate would have it – walked into the lift with Jon and Melissa! I simply must take a picture with him – I didn’t take a picture with Melissa though – was a bit shy shy haha ~


DSCF9956 (Medium)

Last but not least – got to meet Mark Lankester – CEO of Tune Hotels. He’s so friendly in person and it’s an inspiration to be in the same party as him!


DSCF9939 (Medium)

All parties must come to an end and I’m glad to be able to meet new friends from this party! Thank you Tune Hotels for inviting me and Air Asia for flying me over to Kuala Lumpur! I had a good few hours nap till 4pm before walking just 7 minutes to my baggage drop counter!

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