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Events: AirAsia RedHot Party with Taylor Swift


*Photo by AirAsia*

AirAsia is the official airline for the upcoming Taylor Swift RED Tour in South East Asia for this June 2014. AirAsia send out exclusive invitation to witness the launch of Taylor Swift aircraft livery at AirAsia RED HOT party at the Sultan Lounge, Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, flying in guests, media figures, blogger and celebrities from across the Asia Pacific for this event – the theme = RED HOT!



It was quite an honour to be invited and flown over from Brunei to Kuala Lumpur to attend this event. I actually already have tickets booked to go Kota Kinabalu but this was just a too good opportunity to pass, so I cancelled my KK tickets and RSVP with Air Asia that I will attend.



*Photo by AirAsia*

The Airbus A320 with the exclusive Taylor Swift aircraft livery will be travelling to the various South East Asian cities for the tour, including Jakarta, Manila and Singapore, in addition to Kuala Lumpur. Aireen Omar, Chief Executive Officer of AirAsia Berhad unveiled the latest aircraft livery to be added to AirAsia’s extensive list of unique aircraft liveries, and fans of Taylor Swift around the region will be able to see this special aircraft livery for the next one year, as this aircraft will also be servicing AirAsia routes throughout our network which spans 88 destinations across 22 countries.



*Photo by AirAsia*

“Taylor Swift’s tour will be kicking off in South East Asia soon, and we are looking forward to welcome Taylor Swift and her crew on board our special aircraft. At AirAsia, we’ve always taken branding to a different level and this opportunity to work with Taylor and her team marks yet another milestone for us as we continue to build the brand globally,” said Aireen Omar.Bloggers and media from across the region were present at the AirAsia event held yesterday in Kuala Lumpur to celebrate the launch of this aircraft livery, and to commemorate the start of AirAsia’s collaboration with Taylor Swift’s THE RED ASEAN TOUR Presented by Cornetto in South East Asia.

The Taylor Swift RED ASEAN TOUR Presented by Cornetto will be at Jakarta on 4 June, Manila on 6 June, Kuala Lumpur on 11 June and in Singapore on 9 and 12 June.


DSCF9606 (Medium)

It took us quite a while to reach our destination as we experienced the crazy Kuala Lumpur traffic. A 25 minute walk journey – took more than an hour to reach using a taxi (we were stuck in the jam for quite some time) – but because it’s drizzling – we stayed inside the taxi.

When I told my friends about the event, they were saying – WOW – they flew you all the way from Brunei for the event – mesti boleh meet Taylor Swift in person ~~


DSCF9602 (Medium)

Nah ~~ I got to meet ‘Taylor Swift’ ~~ cool or not?


DSCF9604 (Medium)

Kuching Bloggers who stayed with me for this trip – Woon Yien and Foodie Jacqueline


DSCF9610 (Medium)

Needless to say – it’s a pretty RED theme indeed ~~


DSCF9608 (Medium)

It’s a non-alcoholic sober event – but with so much positive energy from the bloggers and media – we create our own high ~~~


DSCF9612 (Medium)

Picture with the talented and cute comic blogger Jian Goh – who loves to eat as well!


DSCF9613 (Medium)

It’s a pleasure to meet so many bloggers from across Malaysia – Yien Yien, Jason, Anna and Simon – I felt so left out as my red is such a different shade! My girlfriend was laughing all the way from Brunei at my choice of colours – I just tell her – “Sorry la – I’m more unique” – which made her laugh even more I think.


DSCF9621 (Medium)

A group picture with a good mix of bloggers from across Kuching and Kuala Lumpur – with me the only Bruneian ~~~ It was funny when the Emcee was calling out people from different countries – anyone from Indonesia~~?? Yeahhhh!!! Anyone from Singapore? Yeahhhh~~ whistles~~ Anyone from the Philippines --- Loud cheers ~~~ I was waiting for the emcee to say anyone from Brunei --- so I can give a loud shoutout and maybe even sing the Brunei National Anthem Proudly …. but …. no sound ….. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA – paiseh man … I guess they didn’t expect one Bruneian to be at the event ~


DSCF9623 (Medium)

They look quite tall – so I took a picture with them – not sure if they’re celebrities or bloggers – maybe they are someone really famous but since I don’t catch up with the entertainment industry I’m really clueless!


DSCF9624 (Medium)

More vaining sessions ~~


DSCF9626 (Medium)

Victims of the KL traffic jam Yukiko and Calista finally arrived but their moods are not dampened ~~ ready to mingle and pose ~


DSCF9627 (Medium)

It’s been a while since I bump into fellow Sabahan Blogger Calista who shares my passion for food and we usually go food hunting during my KK trips ~~



*Photo by AirAsia*  Lovely AirAsia staff posing with the Taylor Swift Model Plane


DSCF9637 (Medium)

Yukiko, Calista and Alyssa (Jian introduced her to me and she’s actually a neighbour – from MIRI!)


DSCF9649 (Medium)

Yukiko and Calista with another blogger whom I didn’t get the pleasure to introduce myself to but looks a bit like my girlfriend ~~ even my girlfriend agreed when she saw this picture. Eh Calista – you know her or not? Intro her blog to me ~


DSCF9633 (Medium)

There was quite a queue for the food – but Anna managed to grab a whole plate of macarons to offer to us – such a sweet girl ~~


DSCF9636 (Medium)

I was talking about the quality of macarons and how to make them – food blogger habits – and started talking with these two ladies – Caroline and Veronique Jingy. It’s quite heartwarming to learn that they’ve read my blog before.


DSCF9635 (Medium)

I also got to meet a fellow instagram friend @spinzer in person. He’s apparently quite a famous big boss in the Kuala Lumpur social media community ~ steady eh Christopher Tock – Nice to meet you!


DSCF9639 (Medium)

Finally – someone with similar shiny shades of red like me ~~~ pleasure to meet Daphne whose in charge of the Air Asia Bloggers Community and invited me to this event. Friendly and charming in person!


DSCF9641 (Medium)

Let’s have another group picture ~~~


DSCF9642 (Medium)

Say cheese ~~~


DSCF9645 (Medium)

The boss Christopher shows how it’s done ~~


DSCF9655 (Medium)

He’s also a lighting technician to help others take pics ~~ Jason and Daphne trying to photobomb but I think Dennis’s photobomb is the most epic – #likeaboss #likealousai pose ~~


DSCF9651 (Medium)

Jason @walauwei from Instagram ~ All smiles and seems like a very approachable guy ~~


DSCF9657 (Medium)

Jason when he doesn’t smile – can look like a Japanese Mafia or killer – not bad – I should go clubbing with Jason more ~ HAHAHAH


DSCF9661 (Medium)

Alyssa – not wanting to lose to Chris selfie skills – shows off her bling bling phone and takes a selfie with the girls ~~


DSCF9662 (Medium)

Beautiful girls ~~~~ with the cool, calm as a cucumber Jian Goh ~~


DSCF9643 (Medium)

Anna was raving about this cute guy and was shy shy ~~ so I took the initiative and dragged her to take a picture with him ~~


DSCF9644 (Medium)

I have to admit – he’s quite handsome – ahhh if only I was 15kgs slimmer ~~ maybe girls would want to take pictures with me ~~~ *cough cough*


DSCF9648 (Medium)

Christopher Tock and Veronique Jingy posing with a drink and straw ~~


DSCF9646 (Medium)

While posing with Anna, I also don’t wanna lose and pose with a drink with straw too ~~ sadly – not as cute as hers ~~~ maybe someone wanna throw a shoe at me for this pose ~~


RF_30MAY2014-125 (Medium)

*Photo by AirAsia* At the end of the function – we all took a massive group photo ~~ can you spot the food blogger?

It was such a fun event where I get to make new friends and hopefully forge new friendships in the blogsphere. Thank you AirAsia for inviting me to this event – although I wished I won one of the backstage passes to Taylor Swift’s concert!

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