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Paddington House of Pancakes Breakfast Menu!

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Paddington House of Pancakes just made waking up a lot better with their newly introduced breakfast menu! The breakfast will start from 8am till 10:30 am daily and every breakfast set you order comes with complimentary coffee or tea. You can upgrade them to upgrade coffee to latte, cappucino, flat white for extra $1.50 and $2.00 for flavored lattes. The breakfast sets are pretty affordable – ranging from $8-10 for savoury pancake sets, $6 to $7.50 for crepes and 7-10 for their breakfast small sized omelets. Pretty good breakfast deals!


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They also just launched their crepe cakes so be sure to check them out.


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Ottawa comes with creamy scrambled eggs the way it should be cooked, grilled mushrooms, side fresh salad and of course yummy pancakes!


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What makes PHOP’s egg’s benny special is that they have the lovely fluffy pancakes as a base! Two yummy poached eggs drizzled with hollandaise. Gotta love them!


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Nacho Chix – Yummy crispy nachos made from crepes and served with minced chicken and cheese!


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This is the Shanghai – cheese, zuchinni, onion, black olives, capsicum, tomato, mushroom, egg wrapped with a crepe into the shape of a giant wonton~ vegetarian healthy goodness to start your day!


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Another good vegetarian option – using crepes to wrap a good amount of vegetables and beans and topped with cheese.


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Montana – two pieces of Jumbo Chicken franks, served on top of sweet potato or mashed potato, served with scrambled eggs or 2 sunny side up eggs. The female tasters were raving about the spiced pumpkin mash!


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I really enjoyed this one – it’s Ireland – special baked tuna on pancakes, served with a side of salad and breaded cheese!! Imagine that gooey cheese as you bite through the crispy breading! Nom nom!


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Cornwall – Who can resist corned beef and beans, served with salad and crepes! Corned Beef for breakfast is always a win!


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They have quite a variety of omelets and you can choose small sized or regular sized ones, served with either beef or chicken strips or with prawns.


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This is another winner for me – I always have a liking for deck sandwiches but have you ever had pancake deck sandwiches?! So much win ~~ plus the fries are cooked perfectly crisp! I wish I can have this for tea time daily! Sadly – it’s only for breakfast!


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Oh yes – what every meat loving foodie wants for breakfast – sliced tender striploin beef on pancakes-  now if only they allow the option of a sunny side up egg or poached egg – that would be an awesome steaks and egg – this is good enough on it’s own mind you! Don’t miss out Rotterdam!


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A yummy creation! Calcutta – spiced up crepes served with three different sauces: curry sauce, chutney sauce & sardine sauce. Loving the crisp up flavoursome crepe which goes well with the sauces!


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So much choice – so little tummy space – perhaps you should pop by Paddington House of Pancakes often for their breakfast choices! Wake up it’s a beautiful morning!


The regular sweet items and pancakes are available as well so if you like to wake up to sweet treats ~~ why not order their sweet selections?


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To get to Paddington House of Pancakes – turn in from the Airport roundabout into Jalan Berakas – take the First U-Turn and you will see the Happy Star Building~~

If you’re coming from Berakas – The Happy Star Building should be on your left – just before Sekolah Menengah Berakas.

Call them to make pre-orders and reservations at 2331668

Keep calm ~~ and eat pancakes!!

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