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Brunei Restaurant Review: Wang Jia Wang Restaurant


When one thinks of Foo Chow cuisine, one would think about Sibu. Having visited Sibu when I was in my teens and sampled their trademark dishes, as well as eating at my Foo Chow friends open houses where they serve Foo Chow dishes – I must say I’m happy that a restaurant is serving these dishes in Gadong!



The restaurant took over Heng Heng restaurant, which is located on the same row as Chin Nam Hong (building next to Jin Chiew Kopitiam). They are still in their soft opening stage but it’s already gathered quite a following from the local Foo Chow populace.



Foo Chow friends and people who visited Sibu will surely have tasted Kam Pua Mee – it’s the Sibu version of Kolomee – but it has its own distinct texture and taste. I remembered friends who would buy the instant noodle version of Kam Pua from Sibu just to satisfy their cravings. Thankfully – you don’t need to go through so much trouble now.



This is something pretty new to me – Hong Guang Man Mian – which is a Chinese phrase for a face that’s blushing red. The red colour comes from fermented red yeast – to give quite a delicious taste to the noodles. This uses a different noodle from the Kam Pua noodles as well – using the curly kind. I personally like this dish for the unique taste of fermented red yeast in my kolo mee.



Dian Bian Wu, another Foo Chow dish is served here as well. A soupy scrambled rice noodle type of dish.



Known as Bagel of the East – Gong Pia is made using a special oven similar to Naan. It has a nice chewy texture and is usually fried to enhance the crisp outer layer – and filled with minced pork. One of my favourite things to eat when I visited Sibu.



Wang Jia Wang also serves Penang cuisine in their restaurant. So far – many had been raving about their Kway Teow having good Wok Hei (caramelization) and giving it the thumbs up. It’s pretty good – I must agree – but not as good as the ones I had in Penang.



This is the popular Hokkien Mee Penang style – which is sliced pork, prawns in a spicy prawn broth. I must say it needs more ooompph in the soup. Having tried lots of Hokkien Mees in Penang, this is quite bland and I’ve told their management – I hope they heed my advice and improve this dish. A good dish but more room for improvement.



Penang style Lu Mian/Lo Mee. It’s a gravy heavy noodle dish served with stewed pork, chicken feet and eggs. I felt it needed more stickiness and a touch of vinegar but that’s my preference.



Snack wise – they have Hainanese fried Spring Rolls, Five Spice Meat rolls and these Sambal Chicken Wings.



There’s still other dishes I have yet to try but for now – rejoice that there’s a place for Foo Chow and Penang dishes under one roof! Now – if only they serve Lui Char here!


Wang Jia Wang Restaurant

Building same block as Chin Nam Hong/Next to Jin Chiew Kopitiam

Gadong Central


Opening hours is 7am to 10pm for now.

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