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Paddington House of Pancakes Seasonal Sets for Christmas!

It’s a season to be jolly indeed ~~ with Paddington House of Pancake Seasonal Sets! It was a pleasure to be invited to try out this new set – which will be only available during the month of Dec 2013!

DSCF1509 (Medium)

Oh yes ~~ Christmas Tree and The Christmas Mountain ~~


DSCF1511 (Medium)

It was a pretty hot day and I was going to order my usual CafĂ© Latte ~ until the manager asked if I wanted to try their cold drip coffee – cold pressed and soaked coffee beans – which reduces the acidity and provides a smooth refreshing coffee – I went “ WHY HAVEN’T YOU INTRODUCE THIS TO ME AGES AGO'” – this will become my favourite coffee to drink during hot days – simply smooth good coffee – you might think it’s Kopi – O ping but you’re SOOO wrong – you can add syrup to sweeten it – but I like my cold drip coffee – dark and smooth without any sweeterners ~~ REFRESHING!


DSCF1510 (Medium)

Christmas decorations will make selfies and instagramming at PHOP more enjoyable – check out their festive decorations when you dine in ~~ lovely Christmas Tree!


DSCF1516 (Medium)

While waiting for the main event, I tried their Aglio Oglio pasta with prawns and enjoyed it very much. They serve pretty good pastas in PHOP so if you have a friend whose not in a mood for pancakes but want pasta, they have no excuse – so drag them there ~ lol


DSCF1518 (Medium)

We also took the opportunity to try other delicious goodies like these baked apples, crushed granola and coconut flakes, served with ice cream and strawberries.


DSCF1523 (Medium)

The Christmas Tree pancake finally arrived – and it’s tiers of fluffy pancakes of different sizes to represent a Christmas Tree ~~ and the cream looked like snow – served with chopped nuts, strawberries, bananas~~ oooh yum ~~


DSCF1525 (Medium)

The Christmas mountain comes in a single person set or a four person set. This is the single person set – Thin English style pancakes – served with blueberries, strawberries, cream and syrup!


DSCF1526 (Medium)

Slice slice nom nom nom ~~


DSCF1530 (Medium)

DSCF1539 (Medium)

Now say hello to the REAL CHRISTMAS MOUNTAIN! Mother of pancakes!


DSCF1545 (Medium)

Gotta love the layers of goodness!


DSCF1546 (Medium)

View from the top ~~~~


DSCF1552 (Medium)

Bon Appetit ~ remember – it’s to be shared ~~ unless of course – you plan to conquer this mountain yourself? 

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