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BerryWan EyeCare Optical

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For many years – I’ve always drove to Miri for affordable spectacles and avoided shopping in Brunei until I come across BerryWan Eyecare Optical, which is located at Gadong Properties. After years of driving hours to Miri, kept waiting at their busy store and having to drive back again for any alterations (which happens pretty often) due to not so thorough eye check services – I’ve decided to shop for glasses in Brunei instead! I usually don’t blog about anything other than food – but I do love to show support for local SMEs.


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They have the most extensive collection of fashionable frames, consisting of 100 % pure titanium and beta- titanium frames with ultra- light weight strength, hypoallergenic composition and superior corrosion resistance – at pretty affordable prices too~


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Shades to protect your eyes from the harmful sun’s rays ~~


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I like this special picture at their shop – when you don’t wear sunglasses – it looks like this


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After looking through the sunglasses – you can see someone carrying a surfer board! Sunglasses help to protect our eyes especially when we’re driving from the harmful UV rays. It’s highly recommended to wear one during driving since we’re not allowed to use tinted glass for our cars in Brunei.


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They have TR90 material plastic frames which are highly flexible type of plastic material and it comes in a wide selection of kids and adult frames. This coupled with unsurpassed quality, style and durability delivers a collection that is a step above the competition.


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For clumsy people like me who have a tendency to accidentally sit or drop my glasses – they have these ultra bendable frames – suitable for sporty people or clumsy ones!

Bend bend bend it like Beckham!!


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They come in pink too – yes you can be FASHIONABLY CLUMSY ~~ *cough*


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I am also impressed with their reading glasses! These come with LED lights you can switch on during the dark when your partner’s asleep or when you’re on a plane.


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Read your book in the dark without disturbing your sleepy friends while travelling or your life partner who sleeps way earlier than you! Best part is you can have an eye test and get your prescription to match these glasses.


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Yes – they come on many fashionable designs too!

Promotion Packages starts from $48 complete with Multicoated lens 1.56 (with Anti-Glare, Anti-Radiation and UV protection type of lens) not higher than 4.00 degree.

Anniversary Promotion “ALL FRAMES FREE MULTICOATED LENS 1.56”* (*terms & conditions apply)


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One of the reasons to visit BerryWan is their qualified professionals and the equipment they have for your eyes. They provide very good services along with the purchase and choice of your glasses.


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Dr. Jhoanna Dumlao grew up in Manila, Philippines and completed her Degree in Doctor of Optometry at Centro Escolar University, Philippines in 1999. She has been practicing her profession for almost 15 years now. According to her, there would be no better career than one that allowed her to help people on a daily basis with their most precious sense, their eyesight.  That desire led her down the road of Optometry and continuously helping people to improve their vision.


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Dr. Alma Rose Canizo grew up in Mindanao, Philippines and finished her degree in Doctor of Optometry at Mindanao Medical Foundation College, Philippines in 2001. She has been practicing her profession for almost 13 years. It has been her advocacy to help other people in improving their Eyesight by performing comprehensive eye test on a day to day basis.


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The optometrists at Berrywan EYECARE Optical will be assessing your current eye wear and also measuring your vision and ability to focus.  This is followed by measurements to determine whether any vision correction is required in order to provide a prescription of the most comfortable vision to meet your visual needs. 


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This is me doing the Slit Lamp Biomicroscopy Examination. It examines in magnified view of the frontal structures of the human eye such as eyelid, cornea etc. and assess any significant signs of dry eye, infections or irritations, Also the natural Crystalline lens to help detect any signs of cataract development. Such a good service provided!


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Thankfully my eyes were pretty healthy except for dryness of the eyes – this is me having a consultation with Dr. Jhoanna.


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My prescription for my dry eyes comes in many forms – I chose the Refresh Plus as they’re the ones which provides the most lubrication.

Visit Berrywan Eyecare Optical at Unit G-7, Ground Floor, Gadong Properties Centre, or call 8888944/ 2426966. It is open every day (including weekends) from 9.30am to 9.30pm.

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