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Indomie Mee Goreng Green Chili (Cili Hijau) version

The latest craze at the Consumer Fair this weekend has been the introduction of a new type of Indomie Mi Goreng flavour. Indomie Mi Goreng has been an iconic instant noodle staple of Brunei for the past few decades – so popular and addictive that students or people going overseas actually brought a whole box or two of Indomie Mi Goreng! Even oversea friends of mine who tried Indomie – fell in love with it – and I sometimes would bring it as souvenirs!


Introducing the new flavour – IndoMie Mi Goreng Cili Hijau – Green Chili version! It’s already available in the major supermarkets – but it’s cheaper to buy at the consumer fair – by 25 cents for a pack of 5.


As you can see – the oil has a nice green colour to it and it’s pretty fragrant – a strong smell of chopped herbs and chilies!


One simply cannot eat Indomie Mi Goreng without a sunny side up egg – it’s the traditional way as the soft yolks mixed well with the noodles! Verdict? It’s not as spicy as some mentioned on instagram or facebook. For me, it’s slightly spicy and for those who love spicy food – it would be classed as mild – but for those with low tolerance for heat – it might give you a bit of a kick.

Do I prefer this over the original? At the moment – I prefer this version as I like the added kick and the fragrance it gives out. But it will never replace the original classic Indomie Mi Goreng as the most popular staple in Brunei. Long live the king!

I do recommend another favourite of mine.


The Maggi Mi Goreng – Kari Ori ~ Try it ~~ You might get hooked!

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