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Hat Yai Restaurant Review: The Basil Restaurant

Hat Yai is Southern Thailand but is just 3-4 hours minivan ride from Penang. Whenever someone visits Penang, I highly recommend a few nights stay there for their good affordable food and great shopping at their markets. For sight seeing – there’s plenty of temples and Buddha statues like this giant one!

Click here for my in depth food and travel guide of Hat Yai


One of the famous night markets – Greenway Market and Asian Markets which are next to each other – are a must visit in Hat Yai

Few would expect to see a good Mediterranean dining establishment in Hat Yai and I was very surprised to see The Basil Restaurant listed in Trip Advisor. Friends would wonder why in the world would I be trying out Western or Farang food in Southern Thailand – well – it’s rated 2nd most popular restaurant on Trip Advisor – so naturally I must try it!


The easiest mode of travel is via TUK TUK – just print the image above and show it to your Tuk Tuk driver. It should be around 50 bath per person. If you got 3 or more people travelling together, you can try and negotiate with the driver to lower it to 30 or 40 bath per person but I wouldn’t bother too much. The restaurant staff will help you call a tuk tuk to send you back to your hotel when you finished your meal.


It’s less than 10 minutes Tuk Tuk ride from Tunes Hotel Hat Yai, where I am staying .


We arrived at 11:15 am, right before they open – they have outdoor section for those who smoke.


Comfortable table settings and lots of wine bottles as decoration – the head chef Anusorne, also runs Wine Society which is just nearby. You can see it from the map above. Their menus are pretty similar and offers different ambience.


Lots of wines to choose from~ ask for their great selections wine list!


I saw Foei Gras on their menu and regretted not ordering them! I would definitely try them next time!


A cute caricature of the head chef Mr Anusorne. He’s got quite an impressive resume – having worked in many countries in famous establishments like Mariott, Le Meridien and Banyan Tree. He’s even worked in Brunei for The Empire Hotel before!

He’s published in quite a few magazines and newspapers. This magazine featured his popular Sesame Seed Crusted Salmon dish.


Starting my meals with a good glass of wine ~~


I have a tendency to order mushroom soup in most establishments and I must say – their mushroom soup with truffle oil packs a great punch from the truffle and is very delicious – a big thumbs up to this dish!


Brunei’s Paddington House of Pancakes should take a look at this splendid savoury crepe dish – a special creation of Chef Anusorne – stuffing the French style crepe with crab meat and served with a rich creamy sauce. The lemon adds a good citrus kick to balance the richness of the creamy crab.


Stunningly delicious! Smacks lips ~~


If you love cheese – go for their cheese platter where you have a range of cheeses and other accompaniments like dried rigs, apples, grapes, crackers and toast to enjoy the cheeses.


Or go for their lovely HAM platter! Omg ~~~ different types of HAM for you to nom nom nom nom nom!! *delicious*


You know what makes a good parma ham better? *hyperventilating* YES ~~ JAPANESE MELON!


You can tell I was so happy and surprised to see this in Southern Thailand ~


OM NOM NOM NOM NOM ~~~ can you believe we’re just on appetizers still!!??


This is their very good Sesame crusted pan fried Salmon. A must order if you visit Basil. You won’t be disappointed.


Duck Ala Orange ~~ beautiful presentation ~~ great seared fatty skin ~~~ bon appetit!


The Basil Style Pasta – this pasta has a great spicy kick to it – I guess from the Thai influence and preference of hot spicy kick of Thai palettes. They also have pizzas but I was too full from all the dishes!


For dessert – I had their Tiramisu – well presented and satisfied my sweet tooth. A good end to my lunch.


Finish it up with a good glass of Café Latte ~~ aaahhh what a meal ~~ wine and coffee. I am very impressed with the quality of the ingredients for the dishes and amount of passion into the food.


The beautiful story : I enjoyed the food so much that I simply must have a chat with the chef and take a picture as a personal memento. Little did I realize that we would click so much that Chef Anusorne would become a personal tour guide to Hat Yai, sight seeing, food hunting and even dining in his other restaurant, Wine Society!! I must really thank him for his hospitality and vision in turning Hat Yai into one of the more popular tourist destinations! I am very impressed with his restaurants, The Basil and The Wine Society. Whenever you visit Penang, please drop by Hat Yai for a visit! Stay tuned for my full Hat Yai Trip guide!!


Wine Society ~ surrounded by wines and good food!


Beautiful sight seeing with Chef Anusorne ~

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