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Brunei Foodie Event: Buzzfest 2013

It’s good to see how Brunei’s local community doing well in terms of selling their home made food online through Facebook and Instagram. Some call them E-vendors or Instagram Food Businesses, the popular ones are usually in very high demand and this 28th of April – the owner of @shiizcandies and decided to organise Buzz Fest 2013, featuring various popular and upcoming Instagram food businesses.


A food and fashion event featuring big names like Enya Bijoux (Hand made beautiful accessories and jewelry) , Vanilla Kitchen (famous for elegant desserts) , Maurina Café (Popular Brunei Blogger), Food Remix (Peri Peri Chicken & Swedish Meatballs) – it’s bound to attract quite their loyal followers!  DSCF2460

Shiiz Candies has been getting quite a lot of attention for many reasons. They serve one of the hottest wings in town, cheesy and creamy Philadelphia steaks, Prawn Sandwiches and cheesy fries (oh I miss them!)


These Bloody Spicy wings should come with a warning. Bite into one – at first – one would feel – nah ~~ it’s not THAT spicy .. but give it a few seconds down the line – and you start to wish you could dive into a pool of iced water. It has that hot numbing feeling that lasts for a while and only the bravest and the chili passionistas should give this a shot! They are not for the faint hearted! Try it ~ I dare you ~


One of their range of sandwiches ~~ hmm … steaks, chicken or lamb anyone?


Grilled lamb chops specially for Buzzfest 2013 ~~ the Shiiz Candies team is out to impress!


They still have one of the most addictive fries I’ve ever tasted! Every time there’s a football match – I would wish for one big big serving of these cheesy fries!


The owners of Shiiz Candies are always there to satisfy your foodie cravings through instagram!

Follow them @shiizcandies on Instagram.


Seeing famous blogger and fellow foodie from Love Food Hate Waste Mr Kurapak himself behind the stove is one of the big surprises for me! Wonder what he is selling?


He’s the owner of @chili_bomb which sells Cheezy Beef wraps!


Yummy spicy saucy beef cooked on the spot, wrapped in tortilla roll, served with chopped vegetables and shredded cheese! Oh Mama Mia!


Oh how could you say no that that!? Hmmm…..


Not surprisingly – they sold out their food in less than 2 hours!! Very in demand indeed!

For all your Chili Bomb cravings – follow @chili_bomb on Instagram 


Cakes and Crafts was also there with their popular photo booth with lots of props for people to camwhore! These three ladies certainly had fun!


Maurina made a name for herself with her salted caramel cream pies! For this event, her salted caramel no bake cheesecake made an appearance and was very very well received!


She also featured quite a few croissant sandwiches but what caught my fancy was this oh my god prawn and avocado croissanwich! NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM!


She also served a wicked pandan iced tea at Buzzfest 2013!

Follow her on Instagram @maurina for more delectable salted caramel goodness and croissanwiches!


Marul Mr Geek In White was also there to help a friend sell some yummy croissants!


Yummy stuffed corned beef or chicken croissants!!


Rolled Pastry! Such a treat!!


Sugar Rush shared a table with Maurina as well to showcase their range of cupcakes.


Carrot Cake Cupcakes anyone?



Peanut butter ~~ hmm ~~~ how not to like?


Yusrina a.k.a EnyaBijoux was also just next table to showcase her talent for hand made jewelry.

Follow her @enyabijoux on Instagram! You will be amazed at her creations!


Smile for the Food Blogger’s Camera~~~


Both their tables also sold the Pink Desserts Recipe book, which featured many great recipes during the Ultimate Food Bloggers Challenge 2010 with a dessert theme. It’s only $10 and proceeds will go to fund breast cancer research. My winning recipe for this challenge is also featured in this book! While stocks last!


Vanilla kitchen brought their fridge with them to keep their yummy macarons, cheesecakes and cinnamon rolls cool. I must say I am a fan of her instagram and enjoyed looking at her yummy creations!


Not your average cheesecake here ~~ this is the ultimate vanilla bean cheesecake specially made by Miss Vanilla Kitchen ~~ OM NOM NOM NOM!!


*gasp* Salted Caramel Macarons …… so pretty …… pose for me darling …. don’t be shy ~~~ yes that’s it ~~~ seduce me ~~~ love me ~~~ *snap snap*


Usually the macarons I’ve had tend to be too sweet but Vanilla Kitchen’s salted caramel is just right and I loved their salted caramel ganache! Thumbs up ~~ I can’t help but admire how pretty they are still ~~ hmm … those beautiful ‘feet’ (only Macaron bakers will understand this)

Follow her @vanillakitchen in Instagram for all her superb baked goodies!


Another baker was there as well selling macarons! Step forward Baking Obsessions ~~ where they made interesting hello kitty macarons!


Oh my Hello Kitty! So cute! Too bad I did not manage to try any of them ~~ *picture taken from their instagram*


I always have an ‘obsession’ with Crème Brulee ~~ hmm


Banana Toffee and Pie = Banoffee Pie ~~ always a hit!


This is something new to me – Banana Crumble Tart – I usually see apple crumble but banana is a first!


Follow this sweet lady of Baking Obsession @bakingobsessionbn in Instagram to satisfy your sweet tooth!


There’s also a stall selling pies – but what’s so interesting about this stall you ask?


That Pie Shop (yes that’s the name) was there to showcase his yummy shepherd's pie. Short simple and sweet presentation ~ very down to earth -- the one man army! His pies were sold out pretty quick as well!


Food Remix has gained quite a following lately for their interesting dishes, combining flavours from different cultures. They are busy all day long during Buzzfest 2013. The best part ? They did their cooking ON THE SPOT! Oh yes!


I managed to catch a glimpse of their peri peri chicken grilling in action on a high quality cast iron enameled pan – is that a Le Creuset!? *drools – my favourite brand for cast iron pans and dutch ovens)


Oh my Swedish House Mafia Meatballs ~~ don’t you worry don’t you worry child ~~~ I’m gonna eat all of you ~~ don’t you worry don’t you worry ~~~~


A very friendly chef! Follow @foodremix on Instagram for international flavours combined!


The Sandwich Club of Brunei features a great choice of sandwiches with different toppings to choose from.


Their Belutak Sandwich is one of their bestsellers! Be sure to check them out on instagram @the_sandwich_club_brunei 



Doug’s Cakoi has gained a lot of publicity lately especially after published in the Brunei Times for his unique cakoi (fried dough) stuffed with chicken or beef!


Doug’s friendly and not camera shy! Their cakoi is of course freshly made on the spot at Buzzfest 2013!


They are so popular that they even have a numbering system in which you take a number and order your cakoi! Very good idea as they were very very busy cooking as much cakoi as possible for the customers.


Nothing beats the sound of a sizzling piece of dough on hot frying oil ~


Do you want extra cheese with that Cakoi?


This chicken cakoi reminds me of Roti John – but served without the egg in between fried cakoi ~ hmm..


Beef Cakoi ~~ I should had asked for cheese to go with it!!

Follow the friendly Mr Doug @dougscakoi on Instagram to get updates on their special Cakois~


Besides food and fashion – there were also live bands and artists showcasing their artistic talents ~ here’s a very good painting done by Stitchy ~~

For customized art – do follow @stitchy_27 on Instagram

On the same day ~~ the group of powerful women E-vendors from Wingit Foodie Event were also active at Wingit Residence with their own event.


This time – they have the added fun of lucky dips to win prizes, improved layout for good traffic flow plus new vendors. I went there after Buzzfest but was too late to check out Burgers Beyond as they were sold out. Another new vendor I saw was selling Churros


Hmmm ~~~ fry baby fry ~~~ sizzles ~~~


Look at that! Churros waiting to cool down slightly to be tossed with cinnamon sugar!


Can I have mine with extra chocolate sauce please?

For more information about the vendors of the Wingin Shakin Bakin Singin events ~~ click here for an introduction



  1. Anonymous9:16 AM

    DAMMIT... I can't I believe I missed all of this! They were sold out too soon! I could have tried a lot of treats! T_T

  2. You can always follow them on instagram and order from them! :)

    I've already included their instagram links in this blog post.