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Places to buy ‘exotic’ ingredients in Brunei

For Bruneian foodies who love to cook - finding ingredients is the first obstacle of many asprising home chefs. Luckily for us - there are some good shops in Brunei where one can shop for ingredients that are usually not easy to find.  Le Apple is a good place to search for baking ingredients and tools while many will turn to Supasave for their ingredient hunt - which is a good place to find exotic ingredients - but tends to be costly. Supasave however, is the best place for different types of cheeses for me - especially blue cheese. Guan Hock Lee at Batu Bersurat also stocks some cheese at expensive prices too but offers us choices for cheeses. They also offer a lot of Japanese and Korean ingredients - and stocks a good frozen foods section - notably their frozen bagels - for those who have cravings for those. 

MC Maju - for all your fresh salmon and oyster needs~
Another one of my favourite is MC Maju - It's located at Serusop - same row as IDEAL and Teguh Raya Super Market.

Fresh live oysters! These would be good with just a squeeze of lemon!
From time to time, they sell fresh oysters, fresh live mussels, air flown pacific trout and salmon - sashimi grade~~ and they actually can fillet and sashimi it for you.

Sashimi grade salmon and trout~~ they will slice and fillet for you ~
Just check out their FB fan page or ask to be added to their whatsapp and email list - they will send announcements of when their air flown stock has arrived! 

Good grade Wagyu and Black Angus Beef ~ hmm.. steaks anyone?
They also sell a variety of wagyu and black angus beef, quality cheeses (mozarella, cheddar and parmesan) for good prices! 

MC Maju offers quite a good price for their cheddar cheese block!
Another good place for exotic ingredients is The German Shop. Located along Jalan Muara (look out for Pizza hut signboard) - there's a good shop for quality imported ingredients - mostly products from Germany and Arab. For foodies, it's a really a good place to shop for ingredients you normally don't find elsewhere. Be sure to pay this place a visit - they stock new items from time to time as well! 

Welcome to the German Shop - located along Jalan Muara - entrance is when you see Pizza Hut. Forgive me for these images as I did not keep high res copies. Hope the blurry images don't drive you nuts!

You can find exotic items like Fig Jam and other jams like the 75% fruit jams and mango-strawberry jams!

Check out their wide range of exotic spices!

Their diverse range of German and Arab cookies and chocolates are yummy!

For bakers - I think they got a good price for vanilla pods!! Be sure to check them out!

There's jars of pickled chilies, garlic, roasted peppers and olives too!

Ooo my pistachio halwas~~

Are those honeycombs?! Omg! *YUMMY*

Vine leaves ~~ hmm ... good for wrapping stuffing~ Greek cuisine anyone?

It's funny to see French and Russian sausages for sale in the German Shop ~~

Healthy High Fibre Bulghur wheat! Cook it like cooking cous cous~

They even got catfood!

So that rounds up my favourite places to shop for ingredients. I hope this post was useful and shared good places for you~~ if you know any good places like the ones I mentioned - please share and I will check it out.
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