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Party Play Lifestyle Café, Kota Kinabalu

One of the best places to hang out in KK is Party Play Lifestyle café which is situated at Lintas area. The place serves fusion cuisine, mixing different cultures into their dishes, has a lovely presentation to their dishes and are quite delicious. 
You can choose to sit outside the restaurant where you can see live singing performances …
I have to say I really like the singing performances during my dine-in experience. A lot of fav songs were sang that night – and they’re pretty good.
We decided to sit inside where it’s air-conditioned and bask in their fun filled decors, and we can still hear the singing performance.
Their menus are presented like a magazine! It’s very refreshing and the menu itself is already part of the exciting dining experience
They have quite a range of appetizers ranging from delicious nachos (I love their nachos!) to delicious salads like their Party Play Salad, which has dried cranberries in it – a good touch!
We ordered quite a few appetizers to share – the must try are their nochos, their sambal chicken wings and also the buffalo wings with blue cheese dip~~ simply yum!
Party play also has quite decent burgers such as this gigantic one – sunny side up egg, salad leaves, thick beef patty and prawns… what an indulging burger! *Nom Nom*
They also got pretty interesting fusion dishes such as Tom Yum Pasta, and pizzas such as this Tandoori pizza with mango~hmm….. check out their pizza pasta section in the beautiful magazine/menu.

We were pretty hungry so we went for their meat platter – which has sausages, lamb chop and steak, with salad and crispy wedges on the side..
Oooo Lamb~~~~~~~~~~~~
Nom nom Nom~~
Wash all that down with their strawberry fish bowl margaritas! This bowl can serve around 4-6 of us! I also love their mojitos! Mango Mojitos! Muacks!

They also have a wide range of interesting desserts such as their Chocolate Lava cake and their salty caramel cheesecake! Hmmm…
Houston! We got a little problem~~~ we got a little problem ~~~ *que song from Miss Nina* lol
Overall it was a pleasant and eye opening dining experience which you will definitely enjoy. A must try place when you visit KK.
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  1. Not bad! I tried Party Play too! Next time I would opt to go at night!=)
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