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Bunker Bistro’s New Menu

Quite a number of people did not know that Bunker Bistro, which is located at the Empire’s Country Club (Gym and Golf Area) is actually open to the public for dining in! It’s quite easy to find – just turn left on the first junction after you drive pass the security guard house of Empire.

The Bunker Bistro operates from 10am to 10pm on Monday to Thursday meanwhile starts with breakfast at 6.30am on Friday to Sunday, closing at 10pm. For further information or reservations, please contact Bunker Bistro at 241 8888.

Bunker Bistro boasts an upscale grand ambience and a great selection from their newly revamped menu – also to showcase their new French Pastry Chef’s desserts! I had the pleasure of trying them out during lunch~ There are so many good reasons to check out this new place~


A good place to sit down for a business meeting ~~


Or just to hang out with friends ~~ and have a good chat


You can also laze around the comfy sofas and have coffee and dessert! Or we just simply want to check out and enjoy the food! Let’s move to the appetizers!


The nachos which were served with chili con carne and melted cheese is a yummy appetizer or just a snack while you chat and hang out with your friends!


A platter of assorted appetizers: seafood roll, wonton, vegetarian samosa and bbq chicken spring rolls.


Delicious honey glazed chicken wings~~

I was also told the Bunker Bistro has a very delicious Caesar Salad, which comes highly recommended but I did not get to try it for lunch this time (too many dishes already!)


They have a lot of different types of sandwiches, wraps and burgers in their menu, served with your choice of french fries or salad greens . This one is a foccacia bread sandwich, with roasted bell peppers, marinated mushrooms with melted camembert cheese! Vegetarian’s sandwich!


Aged cheddar cheese burger with beef bacon and ratatouille slaw!


The pita lamb wrap, served with caramelized onions and tzaziki dip

Chicken quesadilla, served with guacamole and tomato salsa


This is my favorite sandwich! Roast beef slices with a black peppery kick , fused well with the tangy sweet red onion jam and sandwiched by a healthy muesli bread! Delicious!

For their mains, I was told by some friends who dined there before that their stir fried tenderloin kway teow which is served with a sunny side up egg and their chicken rice are must tries! Unfortunately, I did not get to try these but I get to try other dishes!


Wild mushrooms and cream sauce penne pasta with lots of shaved cheese! YUM!


Beef tenderloin steaks cooked to my favorite medium rare stage and served with potato leek ragout and shallot reduction, I particularly like how juicy the steaks were and that crispy shredded onions on top!


Some restaurants disappoint with overcooked salmon, which tends to be too dry and flaky but the salmon dish we had was perfectly cooked and served with delicious mango salsa – a great combination!

On to the desserts! It never fails to get people excited – I must say I am quite impressed by the presentation of the desserts – prepared by the new French Pastry Chef!


This is the cinnamon caramel cake, which has a coconut sauce ~~


Chocolate marble cake with passion fruit sauce and ‘after eight’ ice cream~


Most people would like this apple pannacotta with white chocolate chantilly, shredded apple and chunks of crispy sweet meringue! Playing with different textures, sweetness and flavours of the apple!


Last but not least is my favorite dessert! I am bias because I simply love mascarpone cheese cakes! This is a heavenly strawberry mascarpone cheesecake, served with a green tea sauce and mango jelly!

It was quite a filling lunch for me and I must say I will definitely come here again to try some of their other dishes! As highlighted – it does offer great posh ambience and good food – whether you’re having a meeting, having high tea with friends or just want to relax and unwind on your own ~ check out Bunker Bistro at Empire’s Country Club.

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