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Sri Maju Herbal Fish Soup

Having travelled to Kota Kinabalu on a consistent basis and blessed with great friends – I would always have transport to go to various places outside of town to dine. Locals would stress that most of the good food’s out of town and not within walking distance but I beg to differ – there are definitely good eats to be had within walking distance! This guide is specially for those who are staying around Imperial Boutech Hotel, Warisan SquareCentrepoint, Suria Sabah or Gaya Street areas. All within 20 minutes walking distance (for an average healthy person of course). Delicious and healthy herbal fish soup is one of the specialties of this Sri Maju Restaurant in Kota Kinabalu. It’s located around Asia City – just behind Api Api – around town area (Centrepoint and Warisan Square)



Asia City is very close to Centrepoint – Just right behind Api Api (McDonalds is here too)



I snapped into the kitchen to catch a glimpse of the boss preparing my Herbal Fish Soup.



Quite a number of celebrities had eaten in this restaurant before – showing how good the food is! 



Does anyone recognise the man in the middle? Winking smile Popular HK artist!



The herbal soup goes very well with their Yam and Mushroom rice – taste healthy and yummy at the same time!



Their home made herby soy sauce – one look and you know it’s going to be fab!



Now comes the hero of the night – the Herbal Fish Soup – take a look at those delicious looking tender fish! *ATTACK*



The view from the top – notice the dates and goji berries – all good for your health.



The fish part near the skin is especially delicious – gelatinous collagen goodness! Very good for your skin!



So if you’re after a delicious healthy treat! Be sure to visit this restaurant when you come to Kota Kinabalu – you will need to wait half an hour for them to cook this dish so make sure to call in advance.

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At just less than 10 minutes walk – Sri Maju is a great place for quality fish lovers to enjoy!

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