Thanis Lim

All Rounder Chef and Food Journalist

Foodilicious Cafe now taking orders

This will be my little shop for taking orders for gourmet pastas and burgers, tempura marinated baby octopus and some other desserts.
Pick up points will be at Bengkurong and orders through email and phone calls.

Asian style Pesto

Asian style pesto - Fresh tasting Asian Style Pesto and it's dairy free! A fusion of Japanese, Thai and Western Cultures for this Pasta ~ for sale at $30 per portion (enough for 10 ppl)


Kim Chi Alfredo Pasta with Crab Meat. The marriage of creamy alfredo sauce with Kimchi makes this dish a must try for Kimchi and Korean Food lovers! Using kimchi bought from Airirang in Sg Liang.
$35 per portion around 10 ppl. (kimchi is expensive)


Chocolate luva cake~ Award winner at the Foodie Bloggers Desserts Challenge. Rich and seriously sinful molten lava of chocolate will ooze out of this cake! Goes super well with vanilla ice cream! $4 each - you can bake it in your oven just right before serving. Minimum of 12 cakes per order. Temperature settings will be taught :)


Pasta tossed with Creamy Salted Duck Yolk Sauce.
$30 per portion (enough for 10 ppl)


Satay Bee Hoon. BeeHoon Stir Fried with home made peanut spice sauce and deep fried mussels.
$30 per portion (enough for 10 ppl)


Asian style marinara.
Oven roasted Tomatoes for at least 6 hours and then tossed with basil and extra virgin olive oil and a touch of fish sauce makes this marinara light and refreshing. You'll never go tired eating this dish.
$30 per portion (around 10 ppl).

Dry Curry Pasta

Nonya Seafood Dry Curry Pasta. An award winning dish in the Brunei Foodies Challenge! This dish combines the favourite nonya curry recipe as a base for this pasta sauce. Be ready for the spicy kick from the aromatic spices and creamy texture of this dish.
$35 per portion (around 10 ppl)

japanese pasta

Japanese Style Carbonara - A lighter version of carbonara - rich yet light with a tang. Japanese Mayonaise with chives, herbs and shredded crab meat.
$30 for 10 ppl portion.


Chocolate Yogurt Orange Mini Cakes --> Seriously moist with a hint of citrus! $2.50 each – minimum of 12 cakes.


Cheesy Potato Muffins with Grilled Clam and Japanese Seaweed. Coming soon~


Banana Muffins with crispy butter crusts on top! Hmmmm!!! $2.50 per muffin. Minimum of 12 orders.


Tempura Marinated Baby Octopus
. $25 per portion – Around 60-70 pieces of tasty sotong. Available fried or unfried version (so you can fry in your own kitchen just hot to serve your guests)

If you’re interested, please call Thanis at 8828810 or email me at I’m looking forward to your orders. Please give at least 3 days in advanced notice.


  1. Cannot wait to go back to Brunei! :D

  2. WAH!!! So long never read your blog (no time now lar with 2 kids :(() and this is super duper man! Congrats!