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Hong Kong Restaurant Review: Hai Wang Porridge Restaurant

Near where we stayed in Hong Kong, there's this porridge shop called Hai Wang (Neptune) Porridge Restaurant. We decided to have our breakfast here.

The menu layout is very good but you'll need to be able to read Chinese. We took quite some time to make our decision on what type of porridge to order.

Pork porridge~~

Fish porridge.

This is pumpkin and corn porridge. Slightly sweet and fresh porridge flavour. A unique taste.

When you have porridge, you cannot forget Char Kueh. Hmm..... they are like Fries with Coke, Butter and Kaya, Salt and pepper...... you get the drift....

On the menu, I saw buffalo tongue... and went.... what's this? My adventurous foodie sense showed no fear and ordered it, only to realize it's char kueh but shaped like an ox tongue - as shown in above pic~

Noodles with curry fish balls~

Fried chong fun rolls with XO sauce and taugeh~hmm.....

Pan fried carrot cake~~ *slurps*

But my favourite thing in this restaurant has to be this dish. It is Char Leung, it is Char Kueh, wrapped with Cheung Fun skin, then drizzled with soy sauce. Simply delectable! Good with porridge or even on it's own.

Enjoying my porridge~~

And Char Leung~~ Hmmmm....... I like~~

So be sure to check out Hai Wang Porridge Restaurant when you're in Hong Kong next time for your breakfast.
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1 comment :

  1. Anonymous10:17 PM

    DEfinitely will pay a visit here one day! u awaken the food beast in me... Lolzz...