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Desserts I like in Hong Kong

One of the reasons I gained so much weight in Hong Kong was their delicious desserts. People advice that you eat 5 servings of fruits per day and I think I overdid it~~

Chung Kee Dessert Shop near where we stayed at Yau Ma Tei.

Black Sesame Dessert~ Strong nutty taste~~

Tang Yuans filled with black sesame paste in a gingery sweet soup.

Kam Chi Yuk Lor (Mango, Pamelo and Sago dessert) I really loved this one!

Honeydew and huge sago pearls~ chilled~ Yummy~~

Another great dessert place is Hui Lau San, see their logo. It's all over Hong Kong, you won't miss it.

The menus are bilingual - very helpful for those who can't read Chinese nor speak Cantonese in Hong Kong. The fruits looked really attractive, we were wondering if it'll look as good. I'll leave it to you guys to judge.

Gui Leng Kou

Red Bean Pudding

Swallows nest with mangoes and other mixed fruits

Looks fantastic! I really loved those fruity desserts! They're not cheap though and can go from BND5-8 per dessert, so make sure your wallets are fat when you walk in here.

Mei Shun Steamed Milk Restaurant is a place where you can enjoy a traditional Hong Kong delicacy: Steamed milk!

The ginger steamed milk is one of the recipes in my blog. This is specially good for women during that time of the month. Many don't like this flavour but if one likes it, they'll be hooked!

Chocolate steamed milk~hmm...

They got many other flavours so be sure to try as many as you can!

They also serve nice french toast with slice of butter and syrup~

Mango Smoothie for breakfast~

Don't miss HK's famous Polo Pau (Bun); crispy butter top, with cheese and jam in the centre. Simply tasty. Note: Some shops had terrible Polo Bun though. So hope you're lucky like me and managed to hit a good store.

Hong Kong people seem to have desserts every where, even in night markets, I saw this tasty Mango Slushies for BND $1.10. Simply refreshing!


Sea Coconut and Grass Jelly Dessert

Glutinous Black rice with Sea Coconut and Coconut milk~

Forgot what this is called but it's like a mango wrapped with cream and pancakes.


I know it's not beer, but their Jolly Shandy Lychee flavour is nice!
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