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Brunei Restaurant Review: Nur Wanita

This Nur Wanita post is outdated! Please go to the updated link here

One lunch time, colleagues were talking about this new Thai-Malaysian cuisine Restaurant and we decided to have lunch there. Nur Wanita is located at Kiarung, two blocks behind Baiduri Kiarung.

The entrance is pretty grand, and makes you feel like you're walking into an upscale restaurant.

As you can see, they have quite good ambiance from their decor. It feel's quite comfy albeit a little cramp during lunch hour.

Saw this 'Thai style coffee' and decided to try, it has a unique burnt coffee taste. Not bad, good for the experience but I probably would try something else next time but if you never tried it, be adventurous and give this a shot.

The typical soup of Thai cuisine, Tom Yum soup. Their version is not too spicy and is just right for our palette. Nothing too special to mention though. Just Tom Yum Soup.

Thai style Fried Kway Teow. Slightly spicier than the usual char kway teow we have. Good flavour and taste but not as caramelized as how we would liked.

Mango Chicken Rice. You can't go wrong with Thai style Mango Chicken or Fish in Thai restaurants. Spicy, Sour and Sweet flavours with the crispy texture of fried chicken. Yum!

Chiang Mai Curry Noodles, this is quite a heartening dish as the noodles are crispy and the curry sauce is thick and spicy. I liked this dish and would certainly order it again. It might be too spicy for those who can't take spicy food, so be sure to tell the chef to adjust according to your tastebuds.

Green Curry Spaghetti is one of their Thai-Western Fusion dishes and it's actually pretty good but the heat factor of this dish is "Oh god It's Spicy!" so order this if you love green curries and enjoy the kick, otherwise ask the chef to make it not so spicy, though the taste might be compromised.

This dish would be my favourite in the restaurant. Deep fried kangkong with meat gravy. The kangkong is fried till a very crisp texture and seasoned very well. I really enjoyed this dish and as I am typing this post, my mouth is already salivating from the memories of wolfing down mouthfuls of the deep fried morsels. Hmm.... Anyone up for Nur Wanita?


  1. LOL! I just went here yesterday, but you beat me in posting up a review. ;) Ah well. Now I know what to order the next time I go there.

  2. What did you order over there? LoL. I went there a few mths ago but I've been slacking behind my posts~

  3. I had the basil fried rice while my friends had nasi pattaya and pad thai. Very unadventurous, haha. I think next time I go I shall try the mango chicken, sounds nice. :)

  4. haha bah~ give review la .. how's the basil fried rice and nasi pattaya and pad thai~ ?

  5. the nasi gorengs were okay... macam biasa saja, haha. But my friend liked her pad thai, and she LOVES pad thai in general, so I guess it was quite nice.

    yeah... will do review nanti... might be going there again soon, so hall wait for it. :)

  6. my favourite restaurant in Kiarong~ xD
    i love their green curry, red curry n Tom Yam