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Japanese style Tuna Bruchetta

Just bought another french loaf from giant at only $1.29 but I wasn't really impressed with it. I prefer the one from supasave that costs $2.00 and tastes a lot better. Felt hungry so I decided to make little tuna bruchettas.

As usual, slice the french loaf with a bread knife (makes it a lot easier - it's the ones with 'teeth' on them for easy cutting of bread). Then toast them in your toaster oven or oven.

While waiting, toast some sesame seeds on your wok. On a hot wok, it'll take only a few seconds. They'll add texture and of course a nice Asian flavour to bruchettas.

Open a can of tuna flakes in water, drain all the water away first. I use flakes rather than chunks because flakes are easy to use for sandwiches.

Take our your Japanese Mayonnaise, now this is my favourite one as it is more eggy than typical ones we usually use for Roti Johns. It tastes eggy and rich, unlike the slightly sour and sweet mayonnaise from Krafts.

Give a generous squeeze, yummy~~

Add your toasted sesame seeds and some freshly ground black pepper. At this stage, you should add some finely chopped chives (bawang hijau) but I ran out so I omit them. It would make a good difference to the flavour and colour. Mix them up nicely and then microwave (with a lid if possible to prevent spillage) for 2 minutes.

Ahh nice and toasted from the oven. You see that garlic? Nicely peeled and ready for....

Rub garlic on the surface of all your slices of french loaf. This will add a natural garlic bread taste to your bread. Don't be shy - rub it nice and hard.

After that, scoop your delicious tuna mixture onto them.

At this stage, you can choose to add shaved parmesan cheese to enhance the flavour but I don't have any (due to the stupid prices of cheese nowadays). I add some extra freshly ground black pepper, since I love the kick.

Tuna Bruchetta - Japanese style.

There you go, a simple and easy snack to enjoy your tv shows and movies. Beats potato chips or corn chips anytime. They are also great as finger food for dinner parties.
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  1. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Kraft mayo is not nice, if u prefer something sweet bit salty, not sour, buy lady's choice serves good taste with eggs...