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Chocolate heaven

How to achieve Chocolate nirvana? Have a rich moist chocolate brownie and sip Italian hot chocolate (it's like creamy chocolate soup).

The batter for the chocolate brownie - notice it looks more like frosting instead of your typical wet liquidy batter from chocolate cakes.

It will rise during cooking

Hmm... warm brownie.

They will finish in no time. Moist and richly chocolatety!

Italian hot chocolate~ Scoop onto small cups and eat with small spoons.

Recipes for both chocolate brownies and Italian hot chocolate to follow soon~~
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  1. Anonymous2:49 AM

    hi! i just found out abt your blog. i like it a lot. keep it up! can i hv the recipe for rich moist chocolate brownie? im away from home n im craving for home-made brownies. ur brownies is mouth-watering makes me crave even more. hope u dont mind. cant wait for new recipes. tq.