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KL Restaurants Review: Porridge Base Steam Boat

We love steam boats! Gathering with a group of friends - dumping different types of ingredients into hot chicken soup or tom yum soup - then scoop them up into our bowls and add in our own choice of savoury or sweet sauces!

In Malacca, we saw the satay sauce steamboat restaurant where we use satay sauce as a base and we take ingredients on satay sticks and cook them using the satay sauce. Satay Celut Melaka

When I went to KL - I get to try this different type of steamboat. Instead of using soup, they use porridge as the base. The restaurant is called "BIG HEAD" restaurant - if you can read Chinese, you can read their logo.

Typical ingredients for steamboat.

We ordered two bases: One is Tom Yum Soup base which we see quite often in Brunei, on the other side, you'll see the Porridge base.

Nyum nyum~~ cook cook cook~

Tadaa~~ now to enjoy my porridge. The ingredients help to give the porridge - it gets sweeter and more fragrant as we dump more ingredients in. They also have nice condiments and sauces to enjoy with your steamboat.

Next time when you have a steamboat gathering with your friends, consider porridge as your steamboat base for a different experience.
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