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Polenta Crusted Wasabi Chicken

Made these for a karaoke snack at Jo-En's place. Initially wanted to do stuffed cherry tomatoes but then the girls would prefer chicken - so decided to make this snack instead. Pretty simple to make and kid friendly. You'll only get a hint of wasabi. Instead of breadcrumbs, I decided to use polenta as the crust. It has this grainy crispiness that you don't have with breadcrumbs.

Ingredients for marinade:

500g chicken breasts, cut into strips.
4 tsp wasabi powder (trust me, it may seem a lot but you won't feel that much kick, you can add more if you love the taste of wasabi)
salt and pepper for seasoning
1 tsp white sugar

Marinate these for around 30 minutes.

Almost done coating all the chicken

While waiting, get ready three different containers for flour, eggs and polenta(cornmeal). On one bowl, fill it with corn flour, one bowl with 2 beaten eggs and one bowl (around 2 and half cups of uncooked polenta) filled with polenta (mixed with 4 teaspoons of wasabi powder)

1) Coat chicken strip on the corn flour then shake off the remove excess flour.

2) Lightly dip in egg mixture

3) Coat on the third bowl of polenta(with wasabi)

4) Put aside on a plate and repeat with the rest of the chicken strips.

5) Deep fry them until slightly golden in colour.

Note: You must fry them in batches so the temperature of the oil won't drop too much. Don't chuck them all in at once. What I did is to deep fry the first batch, and continue coating the rest, while keeping watch on the ones that are being deep fried.

I got someone to help me coat while I deep fry - so it's easier to manage.

Still being fried - hmm...

Nice and golden...

Serve with sweet chili sauce or you can make a wasabi mayonnaise dip. Just mix 2 tsp of wasabi powder with a cup of Japanese Mayonnaise.



  1. Hmmm... look yummy... but what is polenta leh... where to get also? Would love to try lah since i still got the leftover wasabi powder and japanese mayonese in the fridge... hee

  2. polenta is basically cornmeal. Can find in supersave.

  3. Ohhhh.... okay... thanks.. heehehe...

  4. oooh, this sounds good. I'm not a fan of wasabi, but I'm always up to try a new version of chicken goreng, hehe. Someday, maybe...