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KL Restaurant review: Secret Recipe and the Pie Shop

When I was in KL, I had the pleasure of trying one of the famous franchises of Secret Recipe. It's mainly desserts but they also have their famous lamb stew and other savoury dishes. I went there twice and got to try some of their tasty cakes.

Chocolate and Banana Cake

White chocolate and macademia cake~hmm...

Chocolate brownie ... look so chocolaty and rich~~ Yumm~~

Their chicken chop with rice

This is their award winning Irish Lamb Stew with mashes potatoes. Highly recommended. Soft and succulent..hmm..

I also have the opportunity to go to a nice restaurant called "The Pie Shop". My friend knows the boss and she recommended two of their popular dishes. I enjoyed them throughly especially the tasty beef stew, can fight with Secret Recipe's one.

Melt in your mouth beef stew and their mashed potatoes with melted butter...ahhh... so nice

Baked chicken pasta - simply divine.

Drowned down with a nice splash of affogato..hmm...

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