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Best Kolomee in Brunei

Kolomee is one of the most popular dishes in Brunei. Every Bruneian would know what is kolomee. Kolomee is usually quite cheap; from $1.50 till $3.50. However, a lot of shops serve terrible kolomee and some merely mediocre. Last time, there was a debate on RadioBrunei about Char Kway Teow or Kolomee. Most people obviously went for Char Kway Teow. I felt that it's because most people hadn't tried the best Kolomee in Brunei. Behold ....

Ocean quarry's kolomee. That's not the name of the stall but it's situated next to the quarry so we called it Ocean Quarry kolomee.

This is the entrance to the canteen. Not a grand entrance but many people still drive their benz and merz and lexuses past the terrible road just to come here and eat

I ordered my first kolomee

Then after finishing it, I still can't get enough of it. So I ordered Kolo MeePoh.

Now why is this shop good? Let me see.

First of all - it's the great tasting kolomee and meepoh that uses their own special recipe which other shops don't have.

Their fantastic soup - which is chocked full of flavour but I dunno how much MSG did they put in there - it's just very nice.

I ordered wonton kolomee, thats why my soup got wontons in it.

Their chili vinegar is also a very good add on to the amazing flavours of the kolomee. I usually put two spoonfuls of vinegar with my kolomee.

Not to forget the amazing ambience ..... erm.... alright maybe not your typical restaurant with good air conditioning and stuff .....

But it still doesn't stop people coming here to eat. So there you go - the best kolomee in Brunei. I challenge you to think of a better place to eat kolomee than this around Brunei.


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