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Malacca Trip: Hock Kee Chicken Rice

My dear readers, I must tell you, this is the first time I have experienced this sort of thing when going to a restaurant and that is you have to queue up to get to a place. In Malacca, there's three places where you have to queue for at least 15 - 30 minutes just to get a seat. One of them is Hock Kee Chicken Rice shop. It's so famous, even Astro did a show on them.

This is the queue - we were quite early so it's not that long yet.

This place is famous for it's special chicken rice and asam fish head.

When I went in and finally got a table, the queue was super long. A group of tourists arrived I guess. The early bird gets the chicken rice! Woohooo!

Since it was a full house, orders will take some time, but luckily it was not as long as waiting at the queue. We ordered chicken rice, assam fish head and some veggies. Where is the chicken rice? You might ask.

Here's the chicken....

And here's the fish ball... hey wait a minute! It's the chicken rice! Chicken Rice ball! Yes- that's the specialty of this restaurant! It's really cool and nice to eat it this way.

Then I dip those rice balls into the assam curry - and the ladies fingers very nice also! NYUM!!

Seriously, some people claimed Malacca's a boring place but if you like food - Malacca is a great place to crash. Stay tuned for other Malacca updates!
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