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KL TRIP: The Hong Kong Restaurant

When I met Suyi and told her I love to cook. She told me her dad's a chef as well and she wants me to try her dad's cooking. Her dad owns a restaurant at Pudu Plaza food court.

Me and Suyi at GreenBox@SungaiWang.

This is the Hong Kong Restaurant at Pudu Plaza Food Court

The main dishes are typical chinese dishes but you can actually special order chinese specialties like shark's fin soup, abalone, buddha jumping over the wall. Suyi ordered the crab meat and shark fin's soup from her dad in advance.

Would you look at that! What a lovely sight. Shark fin's soup with fresh crabmeat. Look at the amount of crabmeat in there - no frozen or canned bullshit crabmeat my dear - they taste really good in this soup.

We also got to try the other specialities of the restaurant.

Juicy and tender stewed claypot beef brisket

Stir fried fish with ginger and green onion. The fish slices are cooked at just the right texture. It's smooth and tastes really fresh, flavoured by the fragrance of ginger and green onions with chinese sauces. A nice light yet satisfying dish.

Stir fried BabyKailan cooked to a nice crunchy texture! Yum.

Kam Heong Chicken Cubes. This is simply a flavour explosion. The dried chilies and cashews go so well with the chicken. Spicy and full of flavour. I really love this dish. I can't wait to come here again and try other special dishes.
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